Holder & His Anti-Religion Crusade


Holder and his legions of lawyers will fight the contraception/abortifacient HHS mandate. He vows to fight. He thinks the “compromise” is adequate even though it still requires the self-insured Catholics to violate their conscience. Sebellius wants to work out a plan to give the self-insured some indirect way to violate their conscience – how marvelous.What neither of them understand is that indirect violations are violations.

It is not about women’s health, contraceptions, Catholics, but rather it is about ordering people to violate their conscience if the government mandates it. Read here: Fox News. Obamacare also provides for abortions – wait until that hits.

As I said before, this goes beyond freedom of religion. Obamacare will  continue to violate our rights. If they can mandate people violate their consciences, no one of our freedoms is safe.

If the following letter from one local pastor is indicative, the arrogant Mr. Holder might have taken on more than he can handle.