Hollywood’s Liberal-Statists Want Our Nuclear Weapons Destroyed


omadPhoto of President Obama looking rather mad

Word out of DC is that President Obama wants to move forward with the destruction of 80% our nuclear arsenal. He has not replenished our arsenal since he entered office. Destroying most of our stockpiles under these conditions would leave us with an arsenal equivalent to that of France. This is at a time when there is more turmoil in the world than we have knows, when Iran is working towards building a nuclear bomb, and at a time when we are hated throughout the world. It would leave us defenseless.

Obama ran for office on a disarmament agenda. He was not talking about maintaining peace, he was talking about leaving us defenseless.

In February 2012, the Seattle Times reported that Obama was again planning an 80% cut in our nuclear arsenal.

He now has Hollywood supporting his cause to help him move ahead with his plan for a nuclear-free United States while countries that hate us build up their arsenals.

Hollywood liberal-statists equate defenselessness with the elimination of war. They think that if we destroy our weapons, the result will be world peace as opposed to the more obvious result – our destruction. The rest of the world will not follow. Instead, our enemies will take us over as they have promised to do.

What they are asking for in the following ad is very dangerous. It appears to be coordinated with Obama’s office.