“Holy Cow!” Farmer to Eat His Cow! Threats and Warnings Ensue


minnie the cow

As people visited the Benner’s organic farm in East Setauket Long Island, word got out that the owner was going to slaughter his cow – Minnie – to feed his family. That’s why the farmer owners bought the two-year old cow originally.

Word got out to Kimberly Sherriton of Commack when she went to a birthday party at the farm. “I broke down crying when I heard they were going to kill that cow,” Sherriton said, apparently realizing for the first time this is what often happens on farms.

Look at the photo above and the woman with a sign that says “You don’t eat family.” Did she give birth to a cow? I’m just wondering.

Sherriton organized about 20 people to protest outside the farm Saturday with another ten arriving on Sunday, waving signs and handing out flyers to drivers when they stopped on the corner.

“I think you’re gonna hear an uproar from the community,” one woman said while stopped in her sport-utility vehicle Sunday afternoon. “This is just so sad.”

Minutes later, another woman drove up and debated the protesters: “It’s a farm. It’s an honest living. You’re out of your mind,” she said to Sherriton before driving off.

The later is the sane person in all this. Hello, it’s a farm.

Busybody Sherriton, 47, said this about Minnie the cow: “She’s so affectionate and playful. She licks like a puppy dog, and she’s treated like a pet.”

Does this look like a dog to you?


A Save Minnie from Slaughter Facebook page has racked up more than 840 friends as of Monday evening.

Sherriton wants to buy Minnie and put her in an animal sanctuary – saving one animal at a time – but the Benners bought her for the quality of meat they would never be able to afford.

The Benners have been living off the farm’s 15 acres since 1977 and they have no intention of changing for others.

“This is a working farm,” Mr. Benner said. “I raise the best food that I can for my family. I don’t raise the animals in crowded feeding lots or in unsanitary conditions, and we’re not going to change because someone is unhappy with that.

“We learned, made, and had our own heat. We made our own food. We made our own clothing. We raised a garden,” he said.

People come to the farm to pick strawberries, hold parties and run class trips for kids.

Sherriton meanwhile is heartbroken and says Benner should buy his meat from the store.

I kid you not, that’s what she said.

“He doesn’t need this cow to survive and feed his family. He puts a sob story on there. Please, tell him to go to Whole Foods and go get some anti-biotic free beef there,” she said.

Why doesn’t she mind her own business? It’s not her cow. People like Sherriton think they can impose their will on anybody.

75-year-old Benner says he’s being hit hard with harassments.

“It’s to the point where we were getting nasty emails, getting warnings, and being threatened,” Benner said.

This just shows you what these so-called liberals think they can tell you to do. They want to tell you how to live your life, what you can do and how you can do it, what you can eat…

Anyone want to put in their order for a couple filet minions?



  1. This woman needs to mind her own business. I am sure that she is an over-educated moron with little to no common sense.

    • This year’s baby is “Chuck Roast” …before that we ate T-Bone and Sir Loin. That was their purpose in life, and you got to call them something!! It’s all in the mindset

    • my fathers parents were farmers. THey had a lamb called sunday lunch … you guess what happened. Hint they didnt starve!

  2. when we had a farm, we had a cow named ‘spot’ a black angus who looked like a spot in the field. she would come whenever i called her, she would walk the fenceline with me. hated when she went to slaughter, but man did she taste great……just saying

  3. What if you name it “Dinner?” True story. My brother did this at a friends house when the got a calf. The name was a joke but it stuck. Fast forward some years and a buddy of mine who was also friends of the family complimented Mom on how good dinner tasted…she started crying, everyone else dirty looks…”what?….” looks down….”ooooooh”


  4. Sherriton is probably one of them nutbag liberal vegetarians. The kind that like to become PETA people. Just goes to show YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!

    • For the record, I’m a meat-eating liberal, I do NOT consider myself a nutbag, and I think this Sherriton chick needs to mind her own business and let the Benner’s eat their cow. Ignorant is ignorant – doesn’t matter which political direction you lean.

      • That’s a good point Loren1 and I’m glad you made it. When I referred to liberals, I really meant the statist-style leftists who want to tell us what to do. Many in my family are normal liberals. I usually use the word leftist to distinguish. 🙂

  5. Has anybody started a crowdfunding thing, or whatever it’s called, in support of the Benners? I’d definitely put some money in the biscuit tin if someone posts a link.

    • There isn’t anything like that at this point but I do think a petition in support of the Benners is needed. I’ll check that out.

  6. Im sure the farmer wont kill the cow if you offer to buy him.Then what are you going to do.have you rhought about where you are going to keep himand feed him. I b wobder b if b she bh as b a b d extra n300$ laying each month.

  7. Another bleading heart, no clue, left wing socialist. Where the hell does she think the “antibiotic free meat” from whole foods come from? The clueless asshole. I married a city girl, and im a farm boy, it took a couple years to get her used to country life and the cycle of life. She still wont watch me kill and butcher a pig, cow, dear, chicken etc, however, when she tasted the difference between the feedlot meat and the fresh clean meat, now she cant imagine eating anything else.
    So leave this man and his family alone and if you dont want to see a cow butchered for meat, my best suggestion is, buy your own!!!!!

  8. if I were the farmer I would walk the cow out in front of them and slaughter it in front of them and say to them I thought you would enjoy seeing me impose my free will on MY PROPERTY if you didn’t want this cow killed you should have bought it before I did now watch her bleed because of your incompetence

  9. Hate to break it to you but I am a bleeding heart liberal and I like meat and I think this is messed up what they are doing to him. They let these people have the benefit of enjoying the trips to their farm, and they get paid back in this way. It is a farm. What do you expect? Harvesting steak from meat trees? It is kinda being hypercritical, o say eating cow A is wrong, but cow B is ok, because you never seen it while it was still mooing. If they really want to protest then just stop going to his farm and expect welcoming arms and leave him in peace.

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