Homeless Whiz Kid Is A Semifinalist for the National Intel Competition

Samantha Garvey

Update, 1/17/12: Samantha Garvey will attend President Obama’s State of the Union address and will become one more political statistic in the game of Obama chess, which he appears to be winning. No matter how poor a job he does, no matter what the teflon President does, give him his due, he knows how to seize the day. What about the other 299 kids who are competing? Steve Israel is taking her and her family will be sitting with him. Politicizing this is nauseating.

Original Story: This story will bring tears to your eyes. Congratulations to Samantha Garvey, her family, and her teachers for this inspirational event.

Samantha Garvey and her family were living in a shelter for several days when they received word that the 17 year old is a semifinalist in the prestigious National Intel competition. She hopes to become a Marine Biologist.

Donations have poured in since and she and her family have moved into rent-subsidized housing.

“This is just the most amazing thing you could ask for,” the diminutive Garvey said at a news conference Friday, surrounded by her parents, brother, sister and a cadre of politicians and school officials.

“We’re all in tears here,” she said after Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone announced that the Department of Social Services had located a nearby three-bedroom house where the family could live. “This is what we’ve always wanted.”

Garvey is one of 300 teenagers nationwide named this week as semifinalists in the prestigious Intel science competition; finalists will be announced at the end of January. She spent more than two years researching the effects of the Asian short crab on the mussel population in a Long Island salt marsh.

“What Sam found was that, like anyone, after being attacked you develop a tough skin of shell,” said her science research teacher, Rebecca Grella. “These mussels were able to increase their thickness and protect themselves against their predator.”

Grella noted the link between Garvey’s challenges and those of the mollusks she studied.

“I do believe that is an amazing metaphor,” Grella said, “and I do see Sam as a strong mussel.” Read more: MSNBC News

Beautiful whiz kid from Brentwood –