Honoring the Memory of Murdered Officer Philip Cardillo If Louis Farrakhan Agrees

Officer Philip Cardillo

The NYPD awaits approval from the Nation of Islam? Outrageous!

How dare the good people of Harlem be held hostage to an approval from the nation of Islam?

There is no question here!

Officer Philip Cardillo, age 32, of the 28th precinct lost his life on the night of April 14, 1972. He left behind his wife and an infant son 40 years ago.

There are very many disturbing facts in this tragic story –

NYPD Confidential: …April 14, 1972 was one of the darkest days in the NYPD history. Patrolmen Phil Cardillo and Vito Navarra were riding in 28 sector George. They were the first RMP to respond to a 10-13 on the second floor at 102 West 116 Street.

After arriving and entering the building which was a Mosque, they questioned about 10 Muslims at the front desk about the call. Suddenly, the Muslims shouted “Allah Akhbar,” more Muslims came from rooms, then the officers were beaten and stomped by numerous black Muslims.

A minute or two later, Patrolmen Vic Padilla and Ivan Negron of the 25th pc. arrived and were also badly beaten and knocked to the ground. Navarra was able to crawl to the front door which was then slammed shut by the Muslims.

He told the responding cops that Cardillo was still inside. Through a small window in the front door cops could see Cardillo on the floor being kicked by the surrounding mob.

Padilla was down and being stomped and his gun was taken. Ptl. Negron was being beaten and he was fighting off numerous hands that were attempting to rip the gun from his holster.

One of the Muslims, six foot four and 260 pounds, Louis 17X Dupree, grabbed Cardillo’s gun, ripped it from the holster and fired a round into Cardillo…Keep reading…

Read more about this horrific story at Police NY.

The NYPD wants to honor the memory of Officer Philip Cardillo and the events of that day. They sought permission for a memorial sign to remember both Cardillo and these events.  There had been a moratorium but it was lifted in March this year. Now the NYPD is being directed by Community Board 10 to get approval from the Mosques in the area.

The Malcolm Shabazz Mosque has no objection, but the Nation of Islam Mosque (founder Louis Farrakhan) has yet to agree.

Where is the outrage?

Does not the Community Board 10 understand the history of the Nation of Islam?

Why isn’t the community honoring those who keep them safe? Maybe they should start accentuating the positives of the NYPD instead of appeasing those who are outwardly pushing for the new division of racial lines in our great country, putting us all at risk. Recognize the enemy. Enough is enough!

Community Board 10 has been knee deep in scandal as well. Read about it at the NY Post.

Join us in contacting Community Board 10 and insist they honor the life of Officer Philip Cardillo. Click here to contact Community Board 10