Hope & Change Forgery Artist Cashes in on Anti-Gun Craze


Shepherd Fairey, Obama’s hope & change artist is a convicted petty criminal – he copied other people’s artwork and did so for his famous Hope & Change poster. Now he is making a comeback with a poster that insinuates religion is hypocritical and legal gun owners are satanic.

If you go to Shepherd Fairey’s blog, you can see his poster. He has a dove with a target on it; a man’s hand is clenching an AR-15; underneath all this are the words, “America, the land where God saves & Satan invests, in assault weapons and high capacity magazines.” The style is somewhat reminiscent of a Hitler propaganda poster from the 20’s and 30’s.

Mr. Fairey lost a copyright case with artist Dina Douglass because he stole her photo without assigning credit. He got himself in further trouble when he ripped up documents and fabricated evidence in relation to the case. The prosecutors requested jail time and he faced a more than $3 million dollar fine which he escaped after sending letters to the judge begging for forgiveness.

He did get off relatively easy because he had performed some charity work and he told the judge that he didn’t falsify the documents for financial gain but to avoid embarrassment at being revealed as a forger.

He got off with a misdemeanor charge, two years probation.

Fairey also copied an AP photo to come up with his famous poster of Barack Obama. He did not seek permission to use the licensed AP photo. He had to settle that case “amicably.”


He was also accused of defacing buildings. In 2009 he tagged two buildings with graffiti and was arrested.

At the moment, he’s busy damaging the reputations of legal gun owners and even got to slam religion while doing so.