HOPE Poster Artist Facing Jail Time




Shepherd Fairey, the Obama Hope poster artist, is facing jail time for ripping up documents related to a misdemeanor conviction.

Since creating the poster, he has had a series of problems, mostly of his own making.

In 2009 he tagged two buildings with graffiti and was arrested.

He also had a copyright violation for modeling his HOPE poster after an AP photo which Fairey admitted he used. The AP wanted compensation. The Obama camp said they were aware that the photo was used and it was never licensed. That case was settled amicably.

A second copyright case with artist Dina Douglass further hurt his reputation and when he ripped up documents and fabricated evidence in relation to the case, he put the prosecutors in the position of having to request jail time.

He has sent pleading letters to the judge requesting no jail time.

He could also be fined up to $3.2 million by the judge. [thesmokinggun]