Hopefully Hillary’s Teeny Crowds Won’t Catch Whatever It Is She Has


Hopefully the 200 or so people who attend Hillary’s rallies won’t become ill. We don’t know if what she has is contagious.

The media didn’t report on her last two days of violent coughing. It’s a conspiracy theory, they say — she’s fine.

She’s not fine.

She now appears to have an ambulance in her motorcade. Why?

If crowds matter, she will lose.

Joe Biden stood up for Hillary last night and 200 showed up.

Tuesday in Tampa:

Pathetic in Cleveland:

Trump on the other hand was greeted by large crowds.


  1. first the good news 😉

    the reported poll numbers are out of whack, actually they’re in whack but only because credible pollsters use scientific methodology and traditional data. let me explain…
    we all should know that poll results are influenced by the ‘wording’ of the poll question and the predilection of the pollee; what is often overlooked is the voting ‘status’ of the said pollee, sometimes we hear yadayada “of ‘likely’ voters” or blahblah “of ‘registered’ voters”. my posit is we NEVER (yes i used caps sara) hear the words ‘eligible voters’. ‘eligible’ simply means the number of citizens who could vote if they wanted to. there were 206 million of these folks in 2008; of those, 146m were ‘registered’ and only 131m cared enough to cast a ballot, that’s a deficit of 70 million. mr. obama won by less than 2 million; mr. trump’s primary campaign broke turn-out records in 90% of the states; it is an unprecedented ‘movement’, nuff’ said.

    the bad news, for those of us who would like to see some change in the way washington does business, is that washington will ‘never’ change the way it does business. already we’re seeing mr. bush and his neocons plus key conservative senators and governors pledging allegiance to their political nemesis, how weird is that?
    we see mr. pence (a nice enough guy but totally owned) ‘installed’ as vp in the event that mr. trump actually wins in november. perhaps i’m being cynical but i stick by what i wrote on this site during the primaries, “they” will do whatever it takes to maintain the status quo…b

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