Horrendous Case of Major Kale Mosley



Photo of Barack Obama. Do we know for sure whose side he is on?

Fix this!!!

Pilots and others in the Air Force are being fired, even if they are only 6 months from retirement and it’s all to save money!

“Chapman University has taken up the cause of several terminated majors. Major Kale Mosley, a combat pilot who has served for six months shy of 20 years, is one of their clients. Mosley has served in 13 combat zones and was recently deployed to Libya with only 30 hours notice. Shortly thereafter he was sent to Iraq.

“It was on the same day of this Iraq deployment that the Air Force gave him a pink slip,” said Rotunda.”

Note that this story is ONLY online–CNN, MSBC, the Times (any variety, Post and Chronicle–yes even Fox–are not reporting this story.

““The Air Force cites budgetary short falls as the reason to terminate them. But that rationale is nowhere mentioned in the regulation,” Rotunda told TheDC. “In this instant, the officers being separated are within six years of retirement and their records do not contain derogatory information. Thus, they should be allowed to remain in service and retire. The defense department’s own regulation does not authorize what the defense department is doing. The Airmen relied on the law when they entered service and now the Secretary wants to change that law, without authority.”

The Obama regime is lawless, refuses to obey laws, regulations or the Constitution.  It promotes bigotry, corruption and election fraud.  Chavez and Castro must be proud.

This is so wrong on so many levels.

We should go into another war? Our military should be treated like this?

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