Horrific: ISIS Publicly Slaughters 13 Teenage Boys For Watching a Soccer Game



They were just teenage boys – thirteen of them. They watched the Asian Cup match between Iraq and Jordan on TV last week. That crime against Sharia law was punishable by death.

ISIS terrorists in Mosul caught the boys and announced over a loudspeaker the kids “crime” immediately before executing them in front of their parents and the entire town in what is now an ISIS Hell.

They machine gunned them down in the public square and then left their bodies where they lie. If parents tried to recover them, they too would have been slaughtered.

Children who should be out playing soccer, thinking about what college to go to, texting on their iPhones, thinking about their futures, violated Sharia law. and had to die a horrific death.

Iraq beat Jordan 1-0 in the Jan. 12 match, which took place in Brisbane, Australia.

I hope the children at least got to see Iraq win.

ISIS fighters lounge about in the night and follow every soccer World Cup game, yet ban the residents of the city from watching the games, and designate it an illegal act because the games “distract one from worship”. The night of the first game of the world cup saw fighters belonging to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL or ISIS) raid local coffee shops. The fighters dismantled and seized the TV screens and receivers that night, according to the Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered website.

ISIS continues to gain ground and lose none.

ISIS has an edge in bad weather. They can fight under any weather conditions.

“[ISIS] is a well-funded group, able to purchase cold-weather equipment,” said one US military official.

“Also, while there are some foreign fighters, the vast majority of [ISIS] are from the area, so they know how to adjust for weather conditions,” the official added.

Everyone in Mosul and in all the ISIS-controlled areas lives in Hell as one resident said. Even pharmacists and other business owners were forced into an ISIS-indoctrination re-education program. A test is given at the end of the course. Failure could mean death. One pharmacist said a wrong word could mean death.

Source: NY Post