Horrific Shooting of a Black Man in LA Isn’t What It Seems

Nicholas Robertson
Nicholas Robertson

There was a shooting of a 28-year old black man in LA this weekend by white LA County Sheriffs. A total of 33 bullets were pumped into the man, some while he was down on the ground. The man, Nicholas Robertson is the father of three.

Warning, the video is upsetting.

Pretty horrible, huh? Horrible, not necessarily in the way you think. The video doesn’t tell the whole story. Let this serve as proof.

The video from across the street where the shooting occurred shows Nicholas Robertson walking with a gun that he had been shooting in the air. There had been six 911 calls reporting him for shooting the gun in the air. Robertson would not release the gun and when he was shot, he was within feet of a woman with two children.

Anyone who has shot an automatic weapon knows it only takes seconds to shoot off 33 bullets.

Lt. Eddie Hernandez with the sheriff’s Homicide Bureau said that at one point, Robertson was actively shooting.

“We have witnesses that say that the suspect turned, pointed the gun at the deputies, and a deputy-involved shooting occurred,” Hernandez said, ktla reported.

wouldn't release the gun and a woman and children were just feet away in the gas station

Look at what happened before the shooting and see if it changes your mine. This is why we need to wait for all the facts to come in.

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  1. A memo to S. Noble: the fella did not have an automatic weapon. He was holding a side arm/pistol. Likely a semi-automatic, which requires a trigger pull for each shot fired. How fast that can be accomplished depends on the shooter. An automatic weapon can have a rate of fire of 1,200 to 6,00 rounds per minute and relies only on the shooter to keep the trigger pullled back.

    We who support the 2nd Amendment need to have our gun facts straight.

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