Horrifying! Antifa Flyer Says Kill White Children, Destroy the Race


Update: August 17: Snopes says these flyers are fake and the group does not exist. The information originally came from conservative writer Jack Posobiec. The rest of the article is accurate.

Anti-white racism is not only accepted, it’s gone mainstream. No one bats an eye when they hear “white privilege” or “white supremacy”. It’s also okay to threaten whites. Where are the Democrats condemning this? Where are the politicians in general condemning Antifa? In fact, Tim Kaine’s son is an Antifa.

Last month, an ANTIFA anti-Trump protester allegedly forgot to throw out his flyers and what he left behind was horrifying. Strewn about were pamphlets revealing a terrifying slogan, “The evil white race must be destroyed!”

They seem unaware of the obvious fact that if you want to silence and kill people with whom you disagree, you’re the fascist. The reason we bring this up is because it’s a natural progression based on the recent assaults and threats on police.

We recently reported that Antifa in Portland were lobbing balloons filled with sh*t, urine and other chemicals at police. They used slingshots to send them off.

The mayor actually went after the police for escorting offenders out of the park. The leftist mayor made the police explain their actions.

None of this should be surprising, look at what actor John Cusack sent around this week.

Look at what else the police are confiscating from these domestic terrorists

Like Black Lives Matter, they are very dangerous.

There are axes and crowbars, dozens of sticks and makeshift clubs, canisters of mace, knives, hammers, batons and even a set of brass knuckles.

The reports say right-wing extremists also attend and the two sides scream insults at one another. However, what they don’t like to report, is that it’s Anifa who are violent.

Police seized seized dozens of sticks, poles and batons from Antifa. Police displayed weapons to include hunting knives, folding knives, crowbars and clubs. One picture also shows a hatchet, multiple hammers, a chain and what appear to be several cans of mace. Another picture shows brass knuckles, a foot-long knife, a helmet and a sack of small smoke bombs.

The sign and the brick weapons int his truck are Antifa. Antifa are the ones who invaded the pro-Trump rally, not the other way around.

Serious Disinformation Campaign

At the same time, the media is spreading around disinformation or partial information. They don’t want to expose these leftists as the violent creeps they are. It doesn’t fit the narrative.

Please do read this disinformation from the Alaska Dispatch:

Emotions are raw in Portland, where late last month 35-year-old Jeremy Christian allegedly stabbed two men to death and seriously injured a third amid what witnesses called an anti-Muslim tirade on a commuter train. Christian had given Nazi salutes and screamed racial slurs at a right-wing rally in the city in April, as The Washington Post has reported.

Since President Donald Trump’s election in November, Portland has struggled to quell mounting violence at political rallies from fringe groups, some of which have been so disruptive that the city has had to cancel public gatherings in recent weeks.

You get the impression from this that Trump is somehow responsible for riling up crazy right-wingers like Christian, only he’s not a right-winger. What they don’t bother to report is Christian is a leftist and a Bernie Sanders supporter. He voted for Sanders.