HORRIFYING! Transcript of Phone Call FBI Thought Was Fine to Ignore


The transcript of the phone call by a woman close to Florida killer Nikolas Cruz has been released. This is the call made shortly before the crazed killer murdered 17 innocent people and wounded 17 others, five critically. It speaks for itself and leaves no doubt how serious the situation was.

The FBI must be called to account for this.

The caller was very clear. The FBI did not follow up and, after reading this, you might see their lack of action as especially egregious.




  1. Recall the FBI in D.C. HQ ignored the Denver area warning that the 9/11 bombers were learning to land aircraft only, thus missing the opportunity to block them.

  2. The FBI has been gaining a reputation for pursuing worthless investigations and that could interfere with pursuing leads that are substantive. They have made claims of many successes in the work against terror suspects, with media support, but a study into the backgrounds and details of those investigations reveal a troubling consistency. Many of the well publicized cases show a distinct lack of interest by the subject in committing such acts and only after repeated efforts, including coercion, did they eventually agree.

    There is also the seemingly anti-Semitic issue with the FBI, some of which has been made public. This has been an on-going problem within the Agency. Some have gained widespread attention, most notably the several instances that related to AIPAC. I have had serious concerns about the FBI for some time so this current situation is of little surprise.

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