Horror Murder of Chris Lane Was About Gangs Not Guns


Update: DA Jason Hicks, the prosecutor in charge of the case, will ignore the racist elements and just handle it as a murder. The media has ignored the racism in this case. 

The promising young baseball player from Australia, Christopher Lane, who was in the United States finishing up college on a baseball scholarship, was murdered by three youths who wanted to have some fun. It was more than that. Two of the boys were black and at least one hated whites.

One of the black boys targeted Chris Lane as he innocently jogged by, they then followed him in their car, and shot him in the back like the craven cowards they are.

It was possibly a gang initiation or they were wannabes making their bones – for fun.

James Edwards with his AK-47

James Edwards pictured on Facebook – FACEBOOK – with his shotgun. People are wondering about guns, I’m wondering about his parents. He wasn’t exactly hiding his gang side.

Edwards’ social media activities are still on stark display and show the teen glorifying hip-hop, violence and sex. Pictures on Facebook show murderers James Edwards and Chancey Luna wearing gang colors and flashing gang signs.


Photo of his reams of cash posted on Facebook. Gee, wonder how he got that? Is this about guns or gangs? I think reasonable people know the answer.

Edwards hated white people.

On April 29, he tweeted, “90% of white ppl are nasty. #HATE THEM.”


On July 15, days after the George Zimmerman verdict, Edwards tweeted “Ayeee I knocced out 5 woods since Zimmerman court!:) lol shit ima keep sleepin shit! #ayeeee.

Let’s get the New White Panthers out there with Wanted Dead or Alive posters. Oh, I forgot, there are no New White Panthers. Let’s get Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton out there demanding justice for Christopher. Ooops, my bad again, they only see prejudice when it’s aimed at blacks though I did read that Jesse thinks this is something that should be ‘frowned’ upon. Since when is a hate crime something to be ‘frowned’ upon? All murders involve hate and having only certain classes of people protected is absurd.

We won’t march or riot, we’ll trust the justice system. That’s what it’s there for.

Chris LaneChristopher Lane with his girlfriend Sarah Harper. Beautiful boy.

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