Hostage Czar for USA As We Pretend We Don’t Negotiate With Terrorists


We don’t negotiate with terrorists but we are going to set up another government department to negotiate with terrorists.

The Obama administration wants to add another czar which would add another bureaucratic layer to government to circumvent Congress. Instead of tying the little fiefdoms of the ineffective Department of Homeland Security together, there will be another under a hostage czar to help families of kidnapped Americans.

Even the bill to appoint the czar is political. The representative who sponsored it is the rep for deceased hostage Warren Weinstein’s district.His family had paid a ransom facilitated by the FBI.

Democratic Rep. John Delaney introduced legislation Friday that would create a panel within the National Security Council headed by the czar, who would unify government efforts.

It will be a worthless political appointment that will encourage more hostage taking.

The administration wants to say we don’t negotiate with terrorists while setting up a government system to handle negotiations with terrorists.

The legislation states that it does not authorize the government to negotiate with terrorists.

The White House has said the Obama administration is considering the creation of a fusion cell of the FBI, Pentagon, State Department and intelligence community to ensure close coordination.

It sends a message about the USA. We are no longer a power that can fight the onslaught or frighten terrorists. We are reduced to paying ransoms though our official policy will say something else. We have a government that embeds dishonesty in official policy.