Hot New Band, Alabama Shakes

Alabama Shakes

A great new band, Alabama Shakes, managed by Kevin Morris, made a triumphant debut in LA.

Lots of people compare Brittany Howard, the lead singer of the magnesium-hot Athens, Alabama band Alabama Shakes, to Janis Joplin, but as someone who actually saw Joplin live — at Seattle’s baseball stadium on July 5, 1970 — I liked Howard’s performance at the band’s sold-out Troubadour debut Jan. 25 better.

Both boasted vocals that soared unexpectedly from sandpaper-coarse gutturals to the uppermost of the singer’s range and just beyond, flitting quick as a hummingbird from earthy passion to breathy poignance. Both screamed on key. When Howard belted lines like “you make me feel so good” or “come on baby, cry with me,” she was almost channeling Joplin…

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