How Democrats Ended Up with Clintons Despite Their Having the “Worst Judgement”


In a September 2015 email out today in the 22nd tranche of Wikileaks emails, from Hill columnist and Team Clinton adviser, Brent Budowsky, he expresses his frustration at Clinton’s speech at a rally in Ohio during which she says she’s “guilty” of being “kinda moderate and center.”

This was as they were selling her as a Progressive and she already said that is what she was. Tanden also complained in no uncertain terms in another email.

Budowsky communicated frequently in the Podesta emails, attempting to help the Clinton campaign, but this particular statement from Clinton shocked him. “I tripled fact-checked when I saw this reported on cable because I could not believe my eyes or ears,” he says.

Budowsky thought she looked dishonest with an “insincere tilting left to be followed by a triangulating counter-tilt back the other way.”

“I must tell you, John, when I see things like this, there are moments when I think her candidacy was just not meant to be, Budowsky says. “I went out on a limb for her today, which very few Democrats who are not paid by her have done recently as visibly and strongly as I did today, and if I knew this kind of thing was coming I would.

He’s not alone.

When Hillary was vetted in 2014 by the Podesta and Center for American Progress team, they were not aware of the depth of her email scandal. It’s hard to believe but the emails were sent in secret and appear to reflect their true reactions.

Hillary Clinton is very secretive and either deceived her closest aides – Neera Tanden, John Podesta, Robby Mook or she is in denial herself. She did not reveal the extent of the private server. Wikileaks emails showed they were shocked as the exposé came to light in March of this year.

The team had researched her in 2014 but obviously missed this.

When Podesta asked Mook if he had “any idea of the depth of this story,” Mook answered simply, “Nope.” “We brought up the existence of emails in reserach [sic] this summer but were told that everything was taken care of,” Mook added in his email reply.

Clinton’s team set up her server to conceal her emails from the Freedom of Information Act. This is more proof of that. One email showed their relief that Hillary had a private server after the scandal blew up.

In an email to Podesta in July 2015, Tanden hinted that the results of an upcoming CNN poll would likely show Sen. Bernie Sanders, Clinton’s primary opponent, ahead among Democratic voters.

“Do we actually know who told Hillary she could use a private email? And has that person been drawn and quartered?” Tanden joked. “Like whole thing is f——-g insane.”

They didn’t even know she was using a private server. Tanden also suggested Bernie as an alternative candidate but Podesta said it would be suicidal.

Neera Tanden, president of the Center for American Progress, and a plain-spoken woman, Tanden is expressing shock about the basement server in this next email.


Robby Mook had no idea either.


Emails among the Team Clinton show them covering up and talking about Hillary living in an alternative universe, needing to “sober her up”, and mentioning she was “often confused”. They also referred to Hillary as having “the worst instincts”.

When the email scandal began to break, Neera Tanden and John Podesta were covering up the emails and covering for Obama’s lies as well when it became clear he was also using the private email address to communicate with Hillary and doing so under an assumed name.

The Clintons have the worst people in their employ and their dirty tricks are being exposed in the Project Veritas videos.

In the 22nd tranche out today, in an email to Podesta in February 2015 titled ‘Brock/Bonner,’ Clinton adviser Neera Tanden includes a link to a Washington Post article about donors delaying their pledges to pro-Clinton Super PACs until she announces her White House bid.

Tanden describes major donors David Brock and Mary Pat Bonner as “a nightmare,” without specifically mentioning their names.

“I’ll be telling mary pat later this week that we aren’t renewing her contract – wish me luck,” Tanden adds.

Referencing the article, Tanden also says that sometimes Bill and Hillary Clinton, “have the worst judgement.”

It’s not simply judgement of course, it’s a lack of ethics, but one can see here how the Democrats ended up with Hillary.

Tanden suggested Bernie Sanders as an alternative and Podesta said it would be suicidal for the Democrat Party. At another time, they concluded Bernie was a “doofus”.

They literally had no options but to cover up. That’s not to say this corruption is in any way acceptable but it is clear how it went down. They didn’t know how bad Hillary’s situation was and by the time the Primary came around, they were desperate to not let Bernie win the nomination. They chose Hillary though they held her in low regard and were thrown by her insane use of the bathroom server.

It’s good to know they are not as stupid as they look though they are as corrupt as they appear.

The Clintons have gotten rich off their charity and Hillary’s position as a public servant.

The Clintons helped corrupt the Democrat Party for decades by playing identity politics and selling the party to left-wing groups like the SEIU and LaRaza and buying large corporations’ loyalty.

These tactics work to get people into office but it’s not ethical and breeds increased corruption.

In an October 2008 email, Citigroup executive Michael Froman emailed Obama to discuss diversity in his cabinet, should he be elected president.

Attached to the email is a “list of African American, Latino and Asian American candidates, divided between Cabinet/Deputy and Under/Assistant/Deputy Assistant Secretary levels, as well as lists of senior Native Americans, Arab/Muslim Americans and Disabled Americans.”

A second list of women is also included. Peter Rouse, who would become Obama’s counselor and chief of staff, replies in agreement. “This should be a global decision-making process,” Rouse says. never have done it in a million years.”

It was only four years ago that the Democrats made a scandal out of Romney’s “binders of women” and though nonsensical, they used the press to make it an issue. Now we see a bigoted Democrat Party who only pick lists of people who can serve them politically instead of choosing the most qualified. It’s a serious form of racism.

The Clintons filled a void as the leaders of the party but they are corrupt. It won’t end well.

That is how the Democrats ended up with the Clintons. How Republicans ended up with Donald Trump can be answered in part by this. To oversimplify, he’s the outsider.