How Did Common Core Get Its Communist Label? Is It Fair or Nuts?



Common Core is a package of set standards that have been adopted by most states in the union. What could be wrong with having set standards for every child in the nation? The idea seems solid.

The public education system is built on a socialist model and not all socialist ideas are bad. The model allows us to teach the most children we can at one time. It works fairly well despite its bad press, press that is often unfair.

There is a very well-kept secret about school successes and failures and that is that the schools largely reflect the population they serve.

Where Common Core goes wrong with the Standards, which were not developed by teachers but rather by corporations, is they are not based on research. They are, in many cases, age-inappropriate, and they are purposed too heavily in the direction of training youth to meet the global demands that corporations will face down the road.

Another problem which bears some reflection is what is being done with the Standards and how. An enforcement arm has been added to the Standards and that is the Standardized testing, a form of testing that research will bear out is only good as a very generalized measure of mostly linear skills.

That enforcement arm is wreaking havoc on the educational system and is particularly dangerous in that it nationalizes education, something our Founding Fathers foresaw and warned us against.

Nationalized education is fraught with dangers and can be used by the government to propagandize. It is a favorite of the Communist Party USA, the Socialist Party USA, and the Democratic Socialist Party USA. Google them and see for yourself. They are already licking their chops.

Nationalization takes control of education out of the hands of parents, local school districts, and states.

Common Core, because of the testing, sets an extreme standard by which every student in the nation’s schools must learn in the same way at the same time with limited flexibility on the part of teachers. Teachers will be judged in part by their adherence to and success with these rigid standards.

Common Core is defined by Wiki as “clear, measurable standards for all school students. Rather than norm-referenced rankings, a standards-based system measures each student against the concrete standard. Curriculum, assessments, and professional development are aligned to the standards.”

What they don’t say is that the testing requirements which go along with the standards have the end result of nationalizing education.

Because the idea of common standards is a good one, it has proponents from both right and left, but that is not the only reason and it might not be the main reason. Corporations have led this movement from its inception at the National Governor’s Association. The Association is more about the trade unions who join than it is about Governors. Mr. Obama’s Stimulus funds from Race to the Top helped fuel it along with money from big donors at Microsoft, Walmart, Exxon Mobil, et al.

Why do corporations want to get into education? For humanitarian reasons? Out of arrogance and the belief that they can do it better than educators? Do they want to train little automatons to meet their worker needs in our future as a global society?  All three?

The motives hardly matter. The results do and we are seeing the beginnings of what could be a very damaging plan for our childrens’ futures.

The Common Core comes with a database that tracks children and their families from pre-K until they enter the workforce. It’s a great vehicle in the case of children who are moved from place-to-place. On the other hand, the government will know all about your child before s/he is twelve.

I leave it to you to decide if that is good or bad but between this, the data-hub in Obamacare (this is the most troubling), and the NSA, the 4th Amendment is pretty much dead in the water or at least greatly eviscerated.

The idea of Common standards has been around for decades but it found a path to actualization with Barack Obama’s Race to the Top. States were offered substantial funds to implement Common Core and they were threatened with the loss of Title I funding if they didn’t. Most Governors adopted the Common Core sight unseen.

The curricula recommended for social studies and science, at least in New York, resembles the UN Education First Curricula. The UN Bill of Rights, not the US Bill of Rights, is being promoted as the model for the New York Social Studies curricula down the road.

The UN is a Socialist-Communist bastion and when curricula and materials are developed around their curricula, it is natural for people to become concerned that it is starting to take a Communist bent. That is not a conspiracy theory, it’s fact.

Several Communists like Van Jones have given input into the curricula in New York via the Speak Truth to Power lessons included in the New York State P-12 Common Core Learning Standards for ELA/Literacy in History/Social Studies 6-12. What could possibly go wrong with that?

The curricula being built around Common Core in New York is strongly supported by New York teacher union president, Richard Ianuzzi, which explains why he doesn’t come out against Common Core despite the deleterious effect it is having on teacher evaluations and their ability to teach.

The SAT’s and ACT’s have announced that they will align with the Common Core, further pushing the nationalization of education. Nationalized education is not just another Communist principle, it’s a must. It just is, not conspiracy, but fact.

If schools want their students to go to college, they won’t be able to opt-out of Common Core if the SAT’s and ACT’s are aligned (and they will be).

When people are say that Common Core is Communist, they aren’t correct but they are looking ahead, and maybe not that far ahead.

There might be no turning back if we don’t examine the system being put into place. Do we really want to nationalize education with standardized testing that is carried over into college admissions? In fact, there is a common core package of standards and testing for colleges – did you know that?

The politics aside, do we really want to make every child go through endless and meaningless tests that take up valuable teaching time?

Click this link for a video that explains Common Core’s origins in depth and explores the possibility of it being subversive. It’s very ENLIGHTENING, especially at 32:13 where one can see that Bill Gates, one of Common Core’s major funders, signed a cooperation agreement to support the UNESCO Constitution and support their education goals. There is even a movement to replace the Ten Commandments with the Earth Charter.

Please check out the information about Common Core at Noisy Room where I obtained these videos.