How Much for Not Shooting Someone?



A D.C. politician has gotten a bill passed to pay people to not commit crimes. I kid you not.

Democratic Councilmember Kenyan McDuffie gained unanimous approval from the D.C. Council for this. The legislation, called the “Neighborhood Engagement Achieves Results Amendment Act of 2016 (NEAR Act),” will establish yet another government office to identify as many as 200 residents annually who are at risk of committing violent crimes or becoming a victim.

The individuals would be instructed to participate in life planning, trauma informed therapy, and other programs; if they comply and do not commit crimes, the individuals will get paid. The legislation was based on a Richmond, California, program that pays individuals who participate as much as $9,000 annually.

The claim is that it works in Richmond but everything is confidential – conveniently. Just take their word for it.

It would cost almost $5 million over four years. What do they care? The taxpayer will fund it.

“The goal of the office will be to identify our teenagers and young adults at the highest risk for committing or being a victim of violent crimes, for participation in a stipend based program involving life planning, trauma­ informed therapy, and mentorship,” a press release published by McDuffie’s office read.

If you’re a criminal, D.C. politicians want you to know they’ve got your back.

This is the nonsense that goes on in our nation’s Capital. Are we in trouble or what?

Source: Associated Press



  1. They’re not getting paid to not commit crimes, they’re being paid to be in the program, which sounds like it requires a lot of time. While $9G sounds like a lot that’s the upper bound, and probably only applies to a minority. If this is designed to keep people becoming career criminals it might actually be worth it.

  2. Must need some jobs for their buddies so what happens, they start another Government Office for them to work in.

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