How One Democrat Party Superdelegate Can Cancel Out 10,000 Voters


The corruption we are seeing in the Democrat primaries is what we can expect from Democrats routinely now.

Hillary Clinton has totally corrupted the Democratic National Committee. They had few debates originally because that’s how Hillary wanted it. They were held on days when no one would watch such as Saturday night during a big game.

Hillary decided she needed more debates so the DNC put more debates on the schedule.

Bernie and Trump tied in Iowa and Bernie won by a landslide in New Hampshire but who gets the delegates? Hillary! She has 394 delegates and Bernie only has 44. They corrupted the vote with their Superdelegates. Why have the people vote if they intend to ignore them?

The Superdelegate situation is a remarkable thing made all the more remarkable by the fact that Hillary has the DNC marching to her tune no matter what their voters want.

What is really stunning is Democrat voters don’t seem to care that their votes are being replaced by party insiders who appear to be corrupting the vote in favor of Hillary.

Hillary leads in delegates 394 to 44 for Bernie Sanders.

It takes 10,000 voters to equal one Superdelegate schlub. In New Hampshire, 6 Superdelegates canceled out 60,000 voters. Then there were the coin tosses of course.

Hillary has a ninefold lead, losing one primary and tying another but she is way in the lead.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that we want Bernie to win, we don’t want either one of them to win but the unfairness of this requires comment. What we get from the Democrat opposition is crickets.

Where do the Superdelegates come from you might ask.

Every Democrat member of Congress is a Superdelegate. Every Democrat governor is a Superdelegate (20). Then there are the Democratic National Committee Superdelegates – they name 432 of them. They usually pick mayors, party chairs and so on.

Listen to the explanation from an expert on Glenn Beck’s radio show: