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How the Media Is Covering Terrorist Dzhorkhar Tsarnaev


dzhokhar_martin_richard_bomb_11 In this photo, Dzhorkhar is seen strolling past the little boy – Martin Richard – he murdered and some of the people he maimed. The bomb can also be seen in the picture.

This is pure evil and it is what the media should be covering. The fact that he is a terrorist who likely has overseas contacts is what they should be covering, but they aren’t really.

HuffPo interviewed Dzhorkhar’s idiotic friends from Kazakhstan who had been detained. They said he couldn’t be guilty:

BOSTON — Two college friends of Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev who were jailed by immigration authorities the day after his capture had nothing to do with the deadly attack and had seen no hints that he harbored any violent thoughts or terrorist sympathies, a lawyer for one of them said Friday.

Azamat Tazhayakov and Dias Kadyrbayev, who are from Kazakhstan, were classmates with Tsarnaev at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. [HuffPo]

CBS won’t refer to him as a terrorist, he’s merely a bomber:

Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhohkar Tsarnaev was moved from a hospital to a federal prison medical center, while FBI agents searched for evidence Friday in a landfill near the college he was attending. [CBS News]

ABC News reported on Dzhorkhar’s followers who believe he was set up:

Boston has rallied around its police and victims of the marathon bombing, but there are thousands of people who are rallying around Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the man accused carrying out the atrocity.

“We truly believe he has been set up and that there is not enough evidence to incriminate him,” said the Facebook group “Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Is Innocent,” which has more than 12,000 members. [ABC News]

LA Times reports that Dzhorkhar was a great fun-loving kid:

NORTH DARTMOUTH, Mass. — If Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is responsible for setting off pressure-cooker bombs at the Boston Marathon, as authorities allege, he displayed a remarkable poker face at his college campus in southeastern Massachusetts.

The 19-year-old sophomore studied engineering, played soccer and became known for party-hopping and smoking marijuana. When he talked to his friends, it was usually about one subject — girls. As a freshman, he decorated his dorm room wall with two posters: one of Einstein, the other of 12 bikini-clad women on a beach. [LA Times]

The Atlantic Wire just sees him as a mentally ill person:

One of the eerie things about the younger Boston marathon bomber’s social media sites is that he says and does a lot of banal teenager things. Music, TV, smoking weed, sleeping in, pizza (“pizzzzzzzzaaaaaa baaaabbyyy“). One of the most attractive pictures of Tsarnaev to surface since the authorities released his name is a former Twitter profile photo (above at right), which is exactly where teenagers post the most attractive pictures of themselves. We all have the impulse to sift through what we can see of Tsarnaev’s life online to find telltale signs that he could commit a terrible crime. They’re not there. Journalists have reported that Tsarnaev seemed like a normal kid. “He’s not a normal kid,” Limbaugh says. “There’s nothing normal about this, and we don’t want it to be normal.” Well, yeah, that’s the point. [theAtlanticWire]

The NY Times thinks it’s a conspiracy against Muslims because the NY Times doesn’t believe there is a war on terror. Therefore, it has to be Islamophobia. This is no different from Timothy McVeigh, the right wing terrorist, they say. [NY Times taking notes]

The Hollywood & other celebrity narcissists injected themselves into the terror attack. You can read about it at gossipcop:

Kirstie Alley @kirstiealley

wow…our FBI agents and police officers are badass… Don’t mess with Boston..They are tough mother Fers

Others like MSNBC politicized it and claimed Republicans were trying to stop immigration reform though they came up with that first.

By the 23rd, the Washington Post believed that the Tsarnaevs acted alone, only 8 days after the attack and 5 days after Dzhorkhar’s capture.

The person who wrote “Talking with Terrorists” called the ugly wretch a beautiful boy. Someone in the media actually called the monster a hottie.

However, the Boston Globe, to their credit, is reporting the story in depth. They tells us that the rebels in Dagestan might have the US in their sites and could be planning a global jihad.

Some Islamist radicals there — especially in Dagestan, where Tamerlan Tsarnaev spent half of last year and where his parents now live — “may be indoctrinating followers to take up a global struggle against the West, specialists told a congressional panel on Friday.”

Most of the media is not doing their job as watchdogs. They are covering for the president who wants to believe there is no war on terror. They also want to believe Dzhorkhar isn’t all that evil – they think it makes you a better person if you believe the most evil people are not really evil.

The media, like the administration, is putting us in danger with their willful ignorance and false sense of righteousness.

Insofar as celebrities are concerned, I’m really tired of hearing their mindless egotistical rants. People have died and have been maimed, they are the ones I want to hear about.