How to Fight Obama Government’s Shutting Down of Assange’s Internet


The Obama government is reportedly behind the shutting down of Julian Assange’s Internet connection in the Ecuadoran embassy. The media is ignoring Wikileaks and the administration is tied to that as well. The only way to fight this is to acquire the information elsewhere on social media, including Reddit, Twitter and Facebook and share it everywhere.

We included the link to Reddit with some of the lead emails at the end of the article and you can go to Twitter for the latest at #PodestaEmails and add the number of the tranche if you want a specific one.. We will publish the most critical emails here.

John Kerry asked Ecuador to shut off Julian Assange’s Internet connection according to Wikileaks and there is no doubt they did more than simply ask. Who do you believe?

Assange said that Kerry made the request to keep him from publishing leaked emails that could disrupt peace negotiations with a guerrilla group in Colombia.

While Colombia is desperate to end the guerrilla war and the US has staked their reputation in Latin America on helping them reach a deal, Wikileaks has so far published nothing of significance on the issue.

Meanwhile, Wikileaks has released 11th batch of emails which accounts for only one-third of the total they have in their possession.

The emails have had smoking gun after smoking gun turn up only to have the media say there are no smoking guns.

Go to Reddit for brief summaries. Click on the link below. There is so much here in terms of the corrupt press and government with the usual evil players.

NEW WIKILEAKS! Podesta Emails part 11: 2000 more emails… post what you find below from The_Donald


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