Howard University Students/Staff Rebel Against Hearing Diverse Opinions


Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos recently visited Howard University, an historically black college. It was one of the few universities she was welcomed to visit – welcomed only by the President Wayne A.I. Frederick.

Infuriated students rallied against funding the college after her visit in protest of the Trump administration. Howard’s president, Wayne A.I. Frederick told the malcontents that the school required federal funding to cover unpaid tuition. When the students protested against DeVos’ visit, he told them it is important to interact with people with whom one disagrees.

That is probably not what the students heard from their teachers.

The president’s comments led to calls for Frederick’s resignation and a faculty vote of no confidence. In a vicious 16-page letter, the faculty wrote, his “presidency is failed and represents a dark and shameful moment in Howard’s history.” They cc’d media and black organizations. The authors didn’t even have the courage to sign their names.

In the last few weeks, student graffiti has been showing up on campus disparaging the president, calling Frederick an “overseer” who “hates black people,” which the letter addresses: “Sadly, the graffiti assessments about Frederick which were strewn across campus are true. He is ineffectual and autocratic and unable to clearly articulate a commitment to black uplift.,” NewsOne reported.

By way of comparison, when California Senator Kamala Harris, a graduate of the University, delivered the commencement address, she was given a warm welcome. Students sat with rapt attention listening to her every word.

Senator Harris told the graduates: “You are graduating into a very different time than it was when you arrived a few short years ago. We have a fight ahead. It’s a fight to determine what kind of country we will be. And it’s a fight to determine whether we are willing to stand up for our deepest values.”

Known as the female Obama, the California senator was advocating for the far-left in America’s soft civil war. She told them what their “deepest values” are.

This is the United States today. Students are told what to think. They are also not willing to listen to those with whom they disagree.

What sad testament on the state of affairs in our colleges today. The education we are giving our students is equal to that of any statist government and, in this case, the president is unfortunately the one who will likely be forced out. The staff, who didn’t have the character to sign their names, will remain to teach generations of hapless students who would have been better off never having gone to college.


  1. The liberal leaders know that the only way they can win is to stifle free speech and allow only their talking points to be heard by the masses of voters the court.

  2. In NYC, over 44,000 students from mostly minority families, are on waiting lists to escape some of the Bad Apple’s most awful schools. I wonder how many of those caring parents and desperate kids feel about an advocate for increasing their educational opportunities, Betsy Devos, being so shamefully treated at some predominantly black schools.

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