Huckabee Facebook Post You Might Want to Read



Mike Huckabee

“If you’ve noticed all those chirpy commercials for health insurance, it’s not your imagination: they are airing about every five minutes, and yes, you’re paying for them. During testimony to Congress this week, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius admitted that the federal government has dumped $4.5 billion into promoting Obamacare on the state level. They also released the updated enrollment figures. So far, nearly 365,000 people have at least ‘selected a plan.’” That’s means putting it in their online shopping cart, whether they actually bought it yet or not.

‘Americans for Tax Reform notes that if you add the $4.5 billion spent on promotions to the $677 million spent building the website, that means that so far, each person who’s even thought about buying Obamacare has cost the taxpayers over $14,000. We spend billions on programs to convince people to buy insurance, trillions to wage a war on poverty – and we never consider that if we’d just divvied up that money and cut every poor or sick person a check, they wouldn’t be poor anymore, they could afford to see a doctor, and it would’ve cost taxpayer less in the long run. Problem is, when government redistributes the wealth, an awful lot of it falls into the pockets of the dealer as it’s getting shuffled around.’