Hugo Chavez Not Surviving Could Be An Opportunity For Venezuela To Survive

Let's Give Him A Book To Read

Chavez might have prostate cancer. Hopefully, he will get all that great medicine socialism offers. I wonder if Sean Penn is down there offering him solace. Maybe Penn should operate on him.

From Reuters: Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez’s surgery and secretive stay in Cuba has set off speculation the socialist leader’s health may be worse than the government is acknowledging. Versions range from Chavez having cancer to him deliberately stoking the mystery to prepare a triumphant return that would boost him on the road to a 2012 re-election bid.

Chavez, 56, underwent surgery in Havana on June 10 and he might have prostate cancer. There has been nothing of substance to prove that, though well-known Venezuelan journalist Nelson Bocaranda gave them some credence this week in detailed reports based on unnamed medical sources. U.S.-based think-tank Stratfor also quoted a source linked to Chavez’s doctors saying a tumor in his prostate required surgery in May and then spread to his pelvis, leading to a second operation in Cuba this monthRead here: Chavez has prostate cancer