Hugs, Selfies, Donuts As Suspects Lead Police on the Most Bizarre Car Chase Ever


Two men in a Ford Mustang convertible led police on a bizarre chase for an hour-and-a-half in Hollywood after the men were thought to have burglarized a residence. They were greeted as heroes as they hurtled down streets, doing  donuts and giving selfies to onlookers.

They were cheered as they danced in their seats and pumped their fists in the air as officers tailed them and news helicopters live-filmed it.

The men were later identified as Isaiah Young, 19, and driver, Herschel Reynolds, 20.

They were arrested outside a property on 51st and Central Avenue where they were met like returning folk heroes by a crowd.

“Why they come on this street?” said Darriel Harris, a neighbor to NBC Los Angeles. “They stay on this street. Come home to his momma. Both of them did.”

Concern was for the burglary suspects who hot dogged the police chase. Friends and neighbors said they were concerned about the men’s safety, despite police backing off claiming they could see the suspects and wanted a safe arrest.

I asked them when police got here, do not resist,” said Narvie Lee Richmond, another neighbor. “Do not cause any problems. Allow them to arrest them. Take them to the station. Let the legal system work out … didn’t want to see young black men getting killed.”

Anyone find this disturbing at all? Different standards for some over others? Very dopey kids but the people cheering them on might be dumber.

Young is being held on $80,000 bail and driver Reynolds on $50,000 bail – with no court date set for their arraignment.


suspects wheelies
Isaiah Young, 19, the passenger, and Herschel Reynolds, 20, (front) the driver pose for one of the many pictures their neighbors took after their joyride.

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