HUH? Boy Disciplined for Short Haircut That “Could Offend People”


A boy in Australia was allegedly sent home from school for looking like a boy. reports Jake, a student at Corpus Christi College in Australia, was sent home after his teachers argued his new short haircut could “offend” people.

Jake’s mother, Sandra Fedele, told 6PR’s Gary Adshead, “This morning he went to school on his last day to get his exam results, he’s Year 10, he got told, he text me and said ‘Mum, I’ve been told I have to go home, I’m not allowed to be at school, my hair’s too short.’”

“We had a wedding on the day he got his hair cut,” his mother said.

The teachers told his mother that his hair was too short and potentially offensive. His mother Sandra told them that the haircut was a ‘number two’ and fell under the school’s guidelines.

Jake had to wear a hat for the rest of the day.

“He hasn’t got a shaved head, stripes or swirls to say he looks gangster-ish. It’s a boy’s haircut,” Sandra said.

When asked for a statement by the West Australian, Corpus Christi declined to comment. Catholic Education WA said the school cannot comment on individual situations.

After social media backlash, Jake was eventually allowed to attend his school end-of-term Rivercruise, which Sandra had reportedly already paid for twice.

[Source: MRC TV]


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