Hypocrite Chuck Schumer Sticks Up for Jeff Sessions, the Man Who “Turned His Stomach”


The new communications director, Anthony Scaramucci said Trump “probably wants Sessions gone” and a “solution is coming soon”. Sessions will likely be fired.

Hypocrite Chuck Schumer doesn’t like the way President Trump is publicly criticizing Attorney General Jeff Sessions. This is the same senate minority leader who said Sessions selection made him “sick”.

Chuck Schumer argued Tuesday that President Trump is trying to “bully” Attorney General Jeff Sessions in an attempt to push him out of office, and said that the barbs directed at Sessions speaks to the president’s “character.”

Schumer is the one who demanded Sessions recuse himself from the Russia investigation. Also, he claimed Sessions lied about his involvement with Russians and demanded he resign.

Schumer said he worried about “foreign influence in the elections” with Sessions at the helm. However, Schumer never worried about the Clinton Foundation and the obvious foreign influence affecting the Clintons.

Schumer also publicly mocked Sessions in April and on other occasions.

“When Jeff Sessions was passed, it turned my stomach,” Schumer told Rachel Maddow, snarling. “To have a man like this…with his anti-immigration record…with his voting record on civil rights”, he blabbered with disgust.


  1. It would be quite poetic if all Trump has been saying against Sessions was an effort to distract the Democrats. Their vitriolic hatred of Trump is so intense it has resulted in the most vocal opponents of Sessions to now side with Him. If Sessions now shows he’s investigating Government personnel from Obama’s term it puts those like Schumer in an untenable position. It would be like the particular Trump/CNN video that has CNN saying “you played me”.

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