An Hysterical Robby Mook Is “Terrified” Over James Comey’s Firing


Robby Mook helped bring Hillary Clinton to defeat with a poorly run campaign and ill-conceived demographics. It is this same Robby Mook who has called for the firing of FBI Director James Comey, blaming him in part for Hillary’s defeat. Yet, today, the former Clinton campaign manager is “terrified” because of the firing of the Director.


The suddenness of it is shocking but the new Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who made the recommendation, was only appointed the end of April. He used the time since to review Comey’s role at the Bureau. He concluded that Comey could no longer lead the department and the reason was primarily his handling of the Clinton investigation.

The hyperbole in Mook’s tweet below and his concerns about the Russia investigation are needless.

Is anyone else fed up with the exaggerations? How do you take people seriously when they sound hysterical?

The left has been screaming for James Comey’s head since last year but now that Trump has fired him, they are upset about it. Only Lefties could call for Comey’s head and then complain when Trump fires him.

Jeffrey Toobin is going wild.

This is the moment that sealed Jim Comey’s fate according to the letter submitted by the new Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein.


  1. What was done to HILLARY when “leaks” revealed her UNLAWFUL PRIVATE SERVER in the basement of her house and the subsequent UNLAWFUL BLEACHING of those servers???

  2. Oh.
    …thats right… Comey determined there was no “intent”, so she couldn’t be prosecuted… Leading to the demise of the faith of the American people that our investigative agencies were crooked!

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