I Ask You, Ms. Noble



Hey, Sara Noble, here is my angry response to your essay titled: “Nineteen Nifty Ways to End Free Speech In America.”

I ask you, Ms. Noble: Why must we readers of the Independent Sentinel be relentlessly assaulted by the truth? It’s ugly and hurtful. Have you no mercy?

Yes, your essay is brilliant. It is jarring and unsettling – all the more so for its dead-on accuracy.

I ask you, Ms. Noble: Who the hell wants to read the truth? For one thing it requires reading the written word – which is an effort compared to the unfiltered acceptance of the sound bites uttered by all the hypocrites and demagogues surrounding us every day. For another thing, being exposed to the truth requires a reasoning mind and logic skills which have in recent decades been abandoned in our school curriculums – hence, in our general population.

There are so few real Americans left. Can’t you please just leave them in peace? They are suffering enough as they see before their very eyes what has happened to the country they love.

I ask you, Ms. Noble: Can’t you accept the fact that this nation is now peopled by “subjects” who all too willingly have surrendered their God-given freedoms. You obviously understand how it all came to this, how without God and Judeo-Christian values the America we knew and loved unraveled, how the socialist, progressives, statists, and corporatists have succeeded in defeating this nation from within. But apparently you refuse to understand and accept how the madness continues, how it goes unchecked, how it escalates, and how it flourishes.

I ask you, Ms. Noble: Why can’t you just leave it alone? The young people today are content to live as abject “useful idiots” in a world of electronic gadgets, games, and pornography. Only a few of the old traditionalist remain and fight on. It’s sad to watch.

Just a few short years ago no one would have dared refer to the American populace as “the masses,” but that is exactly what they’ve become – unthinking serfs content with the same “bread and circuses” the Roman poet Juvenal derided. In ancient Rome, “panem et circenses” was an effective, superficial way to appease the masses and insure civil compliance in the face of an utter failure of public policy and egregious corruption of government. Wikipedia describes bread and circuses as “the creation of public approval… through diversion; distraction; or the mere satisfaction of the immediate, shallow requirements of a populace, as an offered palliative.”

I ask you, Ms. Noble: Would you deny us that same palliative? Please leave us in our ignorance and let the damned traitors and the enemies of freedom have their way. We don’t want to get angry and we don’t want to fight. We don’t want to cause trouble. Do we?

Damned right we do!

So, thank you, Ms. Noble, for all your hard work, for your unwavering devotion to America, and for your fighting spirit that inspires so many of us. Note: I would have said “for the fire in your belly” but that did not seem lady-like. And you, Sara Noble, are always a lady, even with your boxing gloves on and a bloodied opponent down and out for the count.

by Gary Spina