I Listened to Obama’s Interview So You Didn’t Have To



Mr. Obama with his pants on fire.

Click on this link to hear President Obama’s interview with George Stephanopoulos on abc’s Sunday News Show This Week which aired September 15th.  If you don’t want to listen to it (it is painful), I’ve been kind enough to listen to it for you and provide a summary.

The salient points are:

At 00:55: President Obama claimed that he stabilized the country after a depression worse than The Great Depression [It’s Bush’s fault]. He said we have had 42 months of growth, 7 1/2 million new jobs created [especially those part-time minimum wage jobs], the housing and auto industry are back, the banking system works…

He left out the fact that the growth is abysmal, there are record high numbers of people (over 90 million) no longer seeking work, the banking system is still too big to fail, and housing growth is very mixed.

He claims that everything he has done has stabilized the economy, created jobs, and stopped the damaging trends that have gone on for decades now [that would be including Clinton’s presidency].

At 03:30: He said Obamacare is about taxing the rich so people without healthcare will get it. He knows that the rich are getting richer under his reign but strangely joined in with George to complain about it as if he had nothing to do with it!!!

He blamed the rich getting richer under his administration on corporations, globalization, and technology. He loves corporations and globalization! In terms of techonology, he specifically said, ‘If you go to a lot of companies now, they’ve eliminated entire occupations because they’re now robotized. We don’t have travel agents, we don’t have bank tellers,’ he said.

I know what he’s saying. I went into the travel agency and it was filled with robots, not a human in sight. Same with the bank. It was ghost-like. I couldn’t find a human anywhere. I just walked into the safe and got my money out myself.

At 12:13: He clearly wants more ‘investments’ in green energy. The problem we have now is the portion of Congress whose policies are aimed at accelerating negative trends, he said. He says Republicans want to slash education, Medicare, R&D, investments on infrastructure [Obama’s green energy cronies].

He will not negotiate with Republicans though he says it’s not that he won’t negotiate [I know, right?]. His idea of negotiation is the Republicans either accept his budget or come up with a budget that cuts [but not to entitlements in any way] while allowing him to continue spending and investing at the same rate [Can someone please bring Houdini back].

He wants sequester eliminated so he can spend more.

At 07:00: He will not negotiate on the debt ceiling because he wants to keep spending. There will be no changes to Obamacare [he has unconstitutionally changed it but no one else will get to do that, certainly not Congress].

He attempted to blame Republicans for any threat to shut the government down though he is the only one threatening to shut the government down. Unfortunately polls show that a government shutdown will be blamed on Republicans.

Mr. Obama won’t negotiate with Republicans in Congress because it will change the constitutional structure of the country (good grief, I think he’s under the impression this is a monarchy).

At 09:08: Mr. Obama claims that he cut the deficit in half when in fact he has added 6 trillion dollars in debt and trillion dollar deficits to our budget each year.

At 10:08: He said he got a good bill on immigration reform in the Senate but the Republicans in the House won’t put it up. He thinks it would pass the House if Boehner would put it forward.

On gun control, he claims that 80% – 90% of the country agree with him and the problem is that Republicans feel obliged to oppose him.

He ended by raving about that wonderful former Secretary of State, Benghazi Clinton, who couldn’t have served him better. He thinks highly of Biden too.