I Must Mention Our $6 Billion Green for Green Gift to Asia!


Every time Obama is generous with “government” money, he is giving away OUR money. The government has no money. It is taxation without representation. He just gave away another $6 billion to Asia. It’s an investment. I’m sure they’ll pay it back (irony here).

How nice of the president to be generous with our money without our permission. I’m sure that’s what the Founding Fathers had in mind.

He is giving $6 billion for an Asian partnership to develop their infrastructure for a sustainable energy future. We are all going to have environmental and energy cooperation and someday businesses will get a foothold into these countries in Asia (who will undoubtedly develop their own Solyndras). Obama is in lala land – too much cocaine when he was young.


Someone’s sleeping Lord, Kumbaya (that’s Obama, asleep at the wheel)
Somone’s crying Lord, Kumbaya (that would be the taxpayers)
Someone’s singing Lord, Kumbaya (the Asians who are getting the money that we borrow from China)

We really need you Lord, seriously, we really do.

Aside from the fact that we are in an economic crisis and heading over a cliff, and ignoring the fact that Obama has made innumerable bad investments, this is quite a deal. He has a vague idea of how it will succeed and there no plan for supervision over how the money will be used.

Wouldn’t it be nice if he used it towards the deficit instead?

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