I Watched the Democrat Debate So You Didn’t Have To – Highlights, Video


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Watching the debate last night was like watching The Hunger Games only it wasn’t interesting.  Everything was scripted. The questions were good but candidates either don’t answer or twisted them into the questions they wanted to answer.

It was like watching the week’s stump speeches, only condensed.

At one point they discussed Hillary’s emails and she flipped her hand as if to swipe it away and by doing so she basically said she proved she’s telling the truth over “11 hours of testimony” in Benghazi. Don’t mind the fact that the Benghazi hearing was not about her emails and she lied about the video during the hearings more than once, among other things.

If a Democrat is elected, we will have to listen to at least four more years of denials that radical Islam is caused by radical Islamists. We will continue to pretend we don’t know their motivations and, as a result, we won’t accept or deal with the core problem.

Listen to how Hillary tries to deceive by changing war with radical Islamists into Islamists in general. She’s slippery.

4 more years of not calling radical Islam what…

I put together some of the highlights for people to judge for themselves. They’re only clips but the essence is captured.

Sanders talked about his “political revolution” and pontificated about the Middle Eastern nations having to take on ISIS which they’ve already proved they won’t do.

Hillary pretended she had a plan for the illegal war in Libya and then falsely claimed Gaddafi had more blood on his hands than any other dictator and was about to annihilate innocents. He was actually anti-Jihadi and was killing jihadis, not innocents. He also wasn’t going to massacre anyone.

She then justified the Libyan war because they had an election but failed to mention it’s now a failed state.

O’Malley was weird and looked as if he was on some heavy tranquilizers. He was asked if the world was too dangerous a place for a governor with no foreign policy experience and he said, “John, the world is a very dangerous place,” staring ahead with vacant eyes, “but it’s not too dangerous a place for the United States of America” as long as we act according to principles and intelligence, blah, blah, blah.

He came up with the brilliant statement that calling radical Islamists “what it is”, is to “call it radical jihadis” as he held out his arm and pointed his finger at John Dickerson robotically.

He’s done. So is Sanders for that matter.

They all want a lot more refugees based on what happened yesterday (the Paris massacre by radical jihadis). Hillary said we should only take them after they’re vetted but we’ve already been told by US intelligence that there is no way to vet them because the information just doesn’t exist in these failed states.

The follow up question should have been, Would you accept these people to serve as your guards?

They will all pay for their trillions in freebies, such as free college, with higher taxes, but Hillary will only tax the rich. When asked how high he would go, Sanders said he won’t go higher than Eisenhower’s 90% tax rate. He’s referring to the rate no one paid that was a residual from the war which a Democrat president, JFK, cut and which helped grow America.

When asked about job loss if the minimum wage is raised, he discounted it completely because people need a “living wage”, which is of course a Marxist precept. People need the money and if the jobs disappear, he has no answer.

When asked about how she is going to deal with Wall Street when that’s where she gets her money, Hillary said two hedge fund managers are campaigning against her – that was her proof she would do the right thing, whatever that is. Sanders responded by saying maybe the Wall Street backers are “dumb” but he didn’t think so. There was a little tiff at that point. Hillary claimed he “impugned my integrity”.

What integrity?

She then used 9/11 as the reason she takes donations from Wall Street. Then she couldn’t understand why a tweeter asked about her using 9/11 as an excuse for taking campaign donations from Wall Street.

They railed against guns. Hillary wants gun dealers and manufacturers to be sued for every gun crime people want to sue them for. That will put them out of business.

Hillary said ISIS must be destroyed but not until everything else has been tried. Didn’t we just try everything? She’s not going to start from where Obama left off but where he began.

Sanders took back his email comment to the Wall Street Journal and went back to absolving her of responsibility for misusing government documents and endangering national security.

It’s odd that two months of emails disappeared around the time of Benghazi, just odd.

Watch for 10 minutes if you can bear it.



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