ICE Releases Illegal Alien Killer for This Stunning Reason



Law enforcement pleaded with ICE to not release Edwin [Eswin] Mejia who killed a young woman days before as he was street racing while drunk. They wouldn’t hold him int eh ICE jail, even for several hours, because he didn’t have a prior felony. Don’t be angry with ICE, this is Obama’s rule.

Sarah Root
Sarah Root

The illegal immigrant who killed 21-year-old Sarah Root entered the U.S. as an “unaccompanied child” three years ago, according to Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

He was an 18-YEAR OLD CHILD!!!

The administration is letting anyone and everyone in as a child.

The child from Honduras is in the wind and he’s now on the ICE Most Wanted list.

In a letter to Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE) responding to a series of his questions, ICE Director Sarah Saldana revealed that Mejia was initially apprehended when he entered the country illegally in 2013 but was granted the special treatment afforded to detained unaccompanied minors from noncontiguous countries, released into the U.S. and never deported.