Idiot John Kerry Insists ISIS Is “On the Run” and “Under Huge Pressure” After Nice


To his credit, Jake Tapper of CNN took on John Kerry’s absurd statements this morning as Kerry pretended the Nice attack was simply a sign of desperation. Kerry is also pretending the ISIS killers aren’t necessarily ISIS, they’re just “inspired” and ISIS is under “huge pressure”. They’re “on the run.”

He’s either pretending or delusional but does it matter which?

So far seven people have been arrested in connection with the Nice attack and ISIS has claimed credit, something they don’t always do. They aren’t quick to grab credit.

Look at the disdainful expression on Kerry’s idiot face. He doesn’t even want to deal with what he thinks is Tapper’s stupidity.

kerry looking with disdain

Is it true ISIS is under “huge pressure”? Of course not, we hit 10 to 20 trucks a day and most planes come back with their bombs on board. Even the Russians make fun of our lack of seriousness. They are simply going to Plan B and expanding throughout the world. They know they’re safe in Raqqa and other strongholds in Syria and Iraq because this administration won’t hit them there. We have made some gains in Iraq but none in Syria and Libya. Hillary destroyed Libya.

Democrat and former CIA Director James Woolsey said in an interview on New Day,” When we in the Clinton administration moved against Serbia, President Clinton authorized hundreds of air strikes a day. We’re going with 10 or 20, something like that, in what’s going on in Syria and Iraq now. You can’t win that way. You have to take out your enemy. We shouldn’t be just sort of sitting there in front of Mosul saying, well, maybe one day somebody will take it.”

The left is doing their best to pretend what’s happening before our eyes isn’t really happening. They want you to think Obama’s “diplomacy” is working so you vote for his doppelgänger Hillary who gave a speech about diplomacy the day after the Nice killer attacked.

Another tactic is to not call it terrorism, pretend the Nice killer is just another disturbed person. What a crock! Listen to this idiot Thomas Roberts. EDPs my foot.

THOMAS ROBERTS: “What if this is a one-off, Malcolm? If we get out of the analytics of potential terrorism and think about this. What if this is just a person with mental illness that took a moment to challenge society in a horrific way, and we’re not talking about that?”

MALCOLM NANCE: “Yeah, well, we have seen that. We call them EDPs, extremely disturbed persons, or emotionally disturbed persons. We had a case last year in France where a man beheaded his supervisor, put his head on a stake, and claimed he did it in some form of radical jihadism. However, that is also a facet of the recruitment process that groups like ISIS and al Qaeda do. They don’t care if you’re emotionally disturbed. If you’re willing to carry out an act, they will even take claim for that act, even if you had had no political component as part of that, which is, in fact, terror, to terrorize the rest of the world on the basis of your attack.”

Obama must be distraught the killer used a truck because he wants to make this about gun violence. His other straw man is it’s just a lone wolf or a quickly self-radicalized person.

Evil seeks out evil and they don’t become evil overnight. There is no such thing as a lone wolf. This is exactly what ISIS wants. It’s part of their announced plans.

The solo jihadist is what the terror networks have called for all along. Some are tied more intimately to the terror group and others are not but it is irrelevant and a way of minimizing what is happening.

There is nothing random about it and the underlying framework is the same and it is what propels it – a distorted and radicalized view of Islamism.

The label is only semantics that trivializes and belies the reality we face. As with all evil, evil seeks evil and they find it on social media, in radical mosques (yes, they do exist), and it doesn’t simply happen when they wake up one day as some innocent who changed overnight.

ISIS in particular is attracting the most evil people from around the globe and must be stopped. Personally, we should not care if they had bad childhoods, are poor or need jobs. That is the Marxist economic ploy that has been proven wrong time and again. One of the poorest nations in the world is Bangladesh and they are among the nicest and least violent of people though the terrorists have now found them. Many terrorists are rich or have good jobs. They are evil, plain and simple. Who cares if they are not normal and need therapy?

The nomenclature of a “self-radicalized” “lone wolf” gives the false impression that there really isn’t anything we can do to stop them, they come up with it on their own, and there is no way to know who they are.  (For more on the myth of the “lone wolf” and its “‘no terrorism here’ usage,” Andrew McCarthy has a phenomenal article here.)

Whatever you think of Netanyahu, think of the logic behind his statement in this viral video.


    • Oh John Kerry, ISIS is definitely on the run…. HEADING TO THE U.S.!!!! You are such an idiot!!!!

  1. Kerry is the most incompetent Secretary of State in History. Hillary was the most corrupt. Both work the the community organizer so it’s no surprise the crap rises to the top.

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