If DC Were a State, Landrieu Would Be Our Senator Says DC Mayor


American Crossroads has strung together some devastating Landrieu quotes in an online ad that ends with the DC Mayor talking about Landrieu being eligible to be the DC senator if they had one.

The Mayor of DC said that if DC were a state, Mary Landrieu would be their senator. She is supposed to represent Louisiana but lives in a $2.5 million house in DC that she and her husband built. It’s the address listed on the statement of candidacy she filed with the Federal Election Commission in January. When she submitted forms to qualify for the ballot, she used her parents’ New Orleans home.

In the ad she can be heard saying that we (meaning her family) can” really appreciate the life we live on the hill”.

To show her appreciation for receiving $30,000 in campaign contributions from DC schools, she sponsored a $2 million dollar earmark for DC schools.

She’s been called their “Capitol Hill neighbor” by at least one left wing reporter.

DC lobbyists can be heard in the ad saying that she lives on the Hill and has done more than anyone else to “make Capitol Hill a better place to live.”

All of these damning quotes can be heard in the video at WaPo.

Landrieu has allegedly received two summonses to appear in court to answer a lawsuit questioning her residency.

Landrieu had no problem lying about Obamacare and she had no regrets.

She didn’t tell the truth in the video above, either that or she made a deliberate effort to not discover the truth. She was told by Senator Enzi in 2010 that the Federal Register clearly stated that millions would not keep their insurance. When Enzi came up with a plan to correct it, all the Democrats rejected the plan. Mary Landrieu was one of them.


She’s also a big gun grabber!

Now that her lies have caught up with her, what about the other dirty liar, Harry Reid, who lives in a $1 million apartment at the Ritz-Carlton in DC though he does at least own a home in Nevada where his family lives.

These are the elite we send to DC to represent us. Some never come back.