If Hillary Is Elected, She’ll Put Her Sketchy Husband In Charge of the Economy


If elected, Hillary Clinton will appoint her unelected husband to the most important job in government.

First Lady and First Man are not elected positions in a Republic. The spouses of a US president don’t need to run the economy, plan for the destruction of our healthcare system and they don’t need extensive staffs. It’s as if we have a royal family, not a president. Can they now turn over their responsibilities to any family members? Why not to First Daughters? Maybe Chelsea should be the Secretary of the Treasury since she’s doing such a magnificent job with that corrupt Clinton Foundation.

Dana Perino went there on Twitter.

Dana Perino, former press secretary to George W. Bush and current pundit of The Five, has stated the obvious. Why would people elect Hillary Clinton, the first woman president, so historic as it is, and then watch her put her husband in charge of the most important economic issues because “he knows how to do it”.

She doesn’t know how to do it? Another good reason not to elect her.

The last year of Bill Clinton’s administration we were in recession and since then he looks very aged and confused. If he is going to be in charge of the economy, I want him tested for dementia.

Her husband, the philanderer and accused rapist, isn’t looking too ‘with it’ these days to say nothing of the fact that his successes as president were because of the dot.com surge he had nothing to do with, his cutting of Capital gains, and his changing the rules of welfare.


Dana got some good responses.

This person expressed my feelings exactly.




Since I have screenshots here, I’ll give you the link for the last comment from Logical Libertarian: Wiki Clinton

Then there is this response for those who don’t love NAFTA.