Social Justice To Be Taught By The Florida Department of Education


This is a report out of Operation Paul Revere and it is important information. Social justice, which is neo-communism, is promulgated by people like Bill Ayers, who calls himself a communist with a small “c.” For those of you who don’t know who he is, I can quickly tell you that he terrified a generation of people with bombs and mayhem in an effort to overturn our government.  Getting back to social justice, it is opposed to our principles as a free nation, and it is now about to be instituted in the Florida school system.

The Florida Department of Education is rewriting the Florida Principal Leadership Standards.  What are they putting into the new revision?  Teachers now are required to teach social justice in the classroom.  Social justice supports equality and solidarity in a society. In their own words, please read the draft at the bottom of their web site

So we are all on the same page,  Social justice is based on the concepts of human rights and equality and involves a greater degree of economic affairs in which equality of outcome, all people having the same wealth, has been manufactured for all the participants of a society. It is a founding principle of various forms of socialism, communism  and cooperative economic organization, through progressive taxation, income redistribution or even property redistribution.

Bill Ayres, sometime bomber, sometime school reformer, is a proponent of social justice. That should tell us something.