If There’s a Trump Hurricane, There’s a Border Wall Earthquake


Just days ago, actress Jennifer Lawrence suggested the hurricanes hitting Texas and Florida are the result of people in those states voting for Donald Trump. Never mind that the people of Houston voted for Hillary by 54%.

Political commenter Kathy Zhu put that idea to rest in one tweet.

“If Florida is getting a hurricane because they voted for Trump, then Mexico had an earthquake because it’s not paying for the wall,” she tweeted.

It’s going to be hard to call her a racist, look at her.

Jennifer Lawrence was trying to promote her new movie, ‘Mother’, so obviously she is daring Trump supporters to boycott the movie and people are doing it. We are opposed to boycotts in general at the Sentinel, but is she begging for it?

It’s a growing movement! One of our articles is quoted at the end. Sorry Jennifer but you’re nutty.

This is the border wall earthquake: