If These Are a Right, What’s Next? Toilet Paper? Perfumed Soap?

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I don’t care if Tampons are taxed or not taxed but when the left starts demanding they be “free” because they are a “human right”, I become concerned.

Women want to basically make Tampons a right. Under a far-left government, this makes sense. If you think I’m kidding, read this from The Daily Free Press:

“A pad for every period” is the motto New York is moving toward with its new feminine hygiene practices. New York homeless shelters will now be able to use federal grant money to provide visitors with tampons, CBS New York reported.

According to the left and this mouthpiece for the left, it’s a human right and they are “inaccessible” in the US. They want to go much further than providing for the poor. Like free birth control, they want free endless stuff.

States like New York and California have also introduced legislation to eliminate a tampon tax, according to the Times. Wisconsin has even introduced a bill to make tampons free in all state buildings, including schools. The United States is finally making an effort to recognize the difficulty in obtaining tampons.

Currently, feminine hygiene products are largely inaccessible in the United States. Using products like tampons and pads is a human right. But even though the U.S. is not a developing country, some of its citizens currently don’t have access to basic hygiene products.

They must have been thinking of Venezuela where it really is inaccessible. They can’t get any hygienic products because they are socialist. It’s not the problem in the US – yet!

Here are the latest tweets from Ms. Meng, a leftist representative from Queens, NY.

The Tampon movement began by asking for the tax be lifted from feminine hygiene products but it’s expanded quickly. Ms. Meng wants the following:

  1. The Bureau of Prisons to provide female inmates with feminine hygiene products free-of-charge
  2. A provision requesting the Secretary of State to report on every foreign aid and assistance program that makes toilet paper or soap – but not feminine hygiene products – available to individuals because she wants it all funded.
  3. She wants feminine hygiene products to be taken off income when people are considered for HUD housing and other welfare programs.

There will be no end to the rights socialists think people are entitled to. It will only end when the money runs out and we become Venezuela.


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