If Trump Wins Super Tuesday, There Will Be a Third Party



Eric Erickson showed up on Meet the Press with Chuck Todd and Andrea Mitchell Sunday. He said that if Trump wins, there will be a third party or a Constitution party.

So much for making Trump swear he wouldn’t run as a third party candidate.

CHUCK TODD: “Well I agree but substance hadn’t worked. But let me ask you this, you alluded to it during the break. The ultimate like suicide mission to stop Donald Trump is to run a third party Republican. you’ve mentioned, you half-joked Rick Perry for president. Do you think there will be a third party a Constitution party say that is a legitimate Republican, a conservative?”

ERIC ERICKSON: “There absolutely will be, there are too many conservatives who would sit it out if it was Donald Trump and—“

ANDREA MITCHELL: “Doesn’t that elect Hillary Clinton?”

ERIC ERICKSON: “It could but I think that ultimately that Donald Trump supporters need to understand that Hillary Clinton will be elected if they choose to go down this path and Republicans have an obligation to to make it clear in the primary that it will be Hillary Clinton if they don’t change.”


Hugh Hewitt who has a conservative radio talk show, suggested much the same thing.

He said, “…we are on the verge of a tipping point in the Republican Party where it could actually split for the first time. I’ve got a note this morning from Meg Whitman who is the finance co-chair for Chris Christie denouncing Chris Christie for political opportunism. And that’s kind of a shattering thing when your finance co-chair takes a roundhouse at you. So, we are at the verge of a real meltdown in the Republican Party. It might happen Tuesday.”

If the GOP betrays Trump, it releases him from his pledge to not run as a third party candidate.

Trump said Sunday that the GOP isn’t treating him fairly and it’s a two-way street.

This is one divided Republican party. We have the perfect situation to beat the socialists but do we have the candidate?

People on both sides of the fence say they’ll stay home if Trump is the candidate.

One of the gals on The View Raven-Symone said she’ll move to Canada if a Republican is nominated. She obviously doesn’t know the difference between nominated and elected.  She’s a dope. Then Sharpton said he’d leave if Trump wins is elected and Hannity said he’ll buy his plane ticket to anywhere in the world.

Rosie O’Donnell, Eddie Griffin, Cher, Samuel L. Jackson, Barry Diller, Katie Hopkins and Omari Hardwick also promised to leave the country. If that isn’t an endorsement for Trump, I don’t know what is.

Trump with all his flaws is better than McConnell and the rest of the establishment to half of the GOP voters. The message the GOP didn’t get was that they either had to change or the party will divide. Looks like it will divide.


  1. the movers and shakers at the top of the gop are scared shirtless of a trump administration because it
    would not be owned by the actual powers that be; those entities that traditionally provide the cash,
    connections and support needed for the ‘conservative’ party’s viability.

    ever since mr. eisenhower, the republicans have talked a good game but never delivered.
    just look at the state of play in america today:
    ~ not only is abortion still legal, the ‘right’ to murder now runs to the third trimester.
    ~ the ‘wall’ (a perennial prerequisite to illegal immigration negotiations) has never been built.
    ~ industry (the life-blood of the middle class) for the most part has migrated, and we never seem to
    fix the tax laws and regulations that would bring it back.
    ~ allowing ‘competitive’ healthcare pricing across state lines never finds it’s way to legislature.
    ~ after the patriot act there isn’t much the government doesn’t know and the enemy can hack.
    ~ of the five sovereign nations we’ve ‘persuaded’ to accept ‘democracy’ since my father’s war, four are ‘failed states’ and one is run by a lunatic family with real (not potential) nuclear weapons.
    ~ the absurd notion that money is speech (citizen’s united) insures none of the above will ever change.

    someone like mr. trump might just bring conservative ‘action’, not lip-service, to the republican polity;
    in my humble sara, they’ll shoot him first…b

    • I agree with you. Honestly, the GOP is dead, they just don’t know it yet. They wouldn’t change and people wanted them to have this last chance but they passed the Cromnibus and blamed Boehner. It was a last straw for me. We’re probably heading for a third party. I don’t think the establishment will get behind Trump and he looks like the winner.

    • Exactly ! I owe the Republican Party nothing anymore. I’ve served it well for 50 years but it hasn’t served me!

      • How right you are!
        Back in 2000 when the GOP decided to turn their backs on their Conservative base and become “undocumented Democrats,” I actually withdrew from the party, went Independent.

        Another truth the GOP has yet to acknowledge, a huge number of Independents, no longer comprised of those who simply don’t like party politics. They now comprised of millions of Americans who, disenfranchised with their perpetual betrayals, turned Independent.

        Because the Conservative movement has grown in strength over the past several years, I’ve gone back to the GOP so that I can have a voice in the nomination process.

    • ” they’ll shoot him first”

      There is another who agrees with you. His name is Bill Bennett, one of THE most respected Conservatives in America. Mr. Bennett wrote a very interesting article back in December, one which, IMO, was stunning:

      http://adrianvance.blogspot.com/2015/12/bill-bennet-on-trump.html WELL worth the read.

      I do believe there is good reason Republicans are just as petrified of Trump as Democrats. Those referring to Trump as a “con man,” have yet to declare the biggest con man in America, Barack Hussein Obama. A president Trump will not only blow the whistle on what has transpired over the last 8 years but will also reveal the Republican party knew the truth, chapter and verse, and did absolutely nothing to stop it.

      Bennett also believes both parties, should it appear Trump will be successful, will conspire to put him “asunder.” Certainly not as if these “tragedies” haven’t happened before. The Clintons are living proof of that….”Shot, 12 times, in the back, then hanged … worst case of suicide ever.”

  2. No doubt those “conservatives” wailing and threatening a third party (a Constitutional Party) want to prop up someone who NOT ELIGIBLE for the office, according to the Constitution. Irony is funny and cruel.

  3. “We can’t let the Conservative movement…..”
    Which Conservative movement would that be? The one the Republican Establishment has successfully kept in it’s place, as the “worker bees” of the party, the dependables but peons of the party? That is, until now.
    “He’s not a real Conservative.” Another squeal we’re hearing all over the place. To this statement I ask myself, what, exactly, have the “real conservatives” done on behalf of the American people and, more importantly, to rescue our nation, the very “beacon of freedom and liberty” to the world, from the hands of those hell bent on “leveling the playing field,” remaking America into Venezuela in the name of “social justice”?
    It is the Conservative base which has been the only part of the GOP which could be depended upon to work their tails off for them only to find day after Election Day, the winners join with the DNC attacking the very hands which fed them. The fact is, the eGOP are petrified they may need to do what Conservatives have been forced to do for decades, go to the polls and hold their nose to vote.
    Maybe they refer to the eGOP which has violated our every trust, the ones who campaign as “sudden Conservatives” in the days leading up to elections and stab us squarely in the back day after. The ones who have all the guts in the world attacking their own people but, when it comes the Left, the Socialist co-opted DNC … to stop them from destroying our country, they turn pure eunuchs.
    Back in 2000, I saw the handwriting on the wall as Republicans began tripping over each other trying to prove who among them was most, “moderate.” The late 1990’s, early 2000’s, saw the GOP trying to complete with the party of Santa Clause, thought they’d win some love from the MSM and woo young voters. It was a plan which marked the beginning of the end for the eGOP for all they really accomplished was to completely alienate their Conservative base, the very heart of the GOP.
    Make no mistake, if we are bearing witness to the demise of the GOP, it is a demise by their own hands. How many times have we heard the GOP loves to shoot itself in the foot? Of late, they’ve just changed their aim, are now committing political suicide by shooting themselves in the head.
    The current behavior of the eGOP tells me all I need to know about who it is deserves my support. There can be but one reason the majority of the establishment are lining up for Rubio – they can “manage” him. Then again, we need only look at Rubio’s actions with his involvement in the Gang of 8, his disgraceful betrayal of his Conservative supporters, to glean what a President Rubio would look like. Is there any wonder Rubio is Chuck Schumer’s favorite water boy?
    If there is one GOP member of the senate who has been a dedicated, unwavering supporter of Conservative principles, it is Jeff Sessions. Should we succeed in purging the GOP of the traitorous establishment members, Sessions would be one of the few keepers. For the first time as senator, he is endorsing a GOP candidate: Donald Trump. His sentiments exactly in line with my own.
    Sessions believes extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. We have arrived at a point in time where by yet another subtle, weak in the knees, petrified of their own PC shadow, eGOP candidate (or president for that matter) will simply not cut it. The DNC and the devastating effects of Obama’s wholly anti-American administration has this country rapidly circling the drain and leaving major parts of the world on fire. It would be akin to applying a band aide to a gaping, exsanguinating wound.
    Yes, the eGOP, along with every other Washington Establishment type, are in a full blown panic. Why? Because the, “jig is up,” the “scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” game is in great jeopardy. Donald Trump has not sold his soul to anybody, owes no great favors to the “donor class.” Certainly, if there is one type of candidate which certainly strikes terror in the hearts of Washington, it is a candidate who can not be bought.
    Just for starters, I am imagining what the current, miserable economy would look like when the trillions of dollars still held on the sidelines, are finally put into play.
    As for the Erick Ericsons of the world who engages in kumbayah moments with the likes of Chuck Todd and Andrea Mitchell, well that speaks VOLUMES. Many of the “conservative” activists have proven themselves to be a grave disappointment. It reminds me of union delegates I’ve known through the years who were all in for “the people” that is, until Management waved the big bucks, corporate position in their face. Then all bets were off.

    • with reference to the opening of ms. noble’s article…
      it’s interesting to note how the progressive media, which had been treating mr. trump
      with benign bemusement, has (within the last 72 hours) begun covering the rubio campaign
      in earnest and airing non-stop negative coverage of the latest trump controversies.
      if the gop is rattled it seems the dnc is becoming edgy…b

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