If Voter ID’s Are Unfair, Prove It!


What could be more obvious! When I vote, I should have to show some form of photo ID!

Well, Pres. Obama and Eric Holder do NOT feel that way!! Attorney-General Eric Holder, this month, stopped South Carolina from implementing such a policy!!


  1. Holder said it would “hurt the poor” who could not afford the ID – but the states offered it for FREE
  2. He said it would be “difficult” for minorities – but Indiana offered “free ID’s mailed to all citizens!
  3. He said it was a right-wing conspiracy – but Supreme Court Justice Stevens (one of most liberal Judges ever) ruled several years ago that this WAS necessary to “protect the electoral process”
  4. He said IDs were “hard to get – but they were also available at any Motor Vehicle Bureau!
  5. He said he wanted to “expand those eligible to vote” – but MOST people now have a photo-ID!!
  6. Holder claims that ” hundreds of thousands” would be endangered – but lawsuits in Indiana and Georgia were dismissed because they “could not produce ONE person who was turned down because of not having a ID!!
  7. He said he would “impartially” apply the law! But, in 2005, the Justice Dept. APPROVED the plan in Georgia
  8. He said it was not legal – but the Supreme Court ruled that a similar law WAS constitutional in Indiana!
  9. He said it was new – but 30 other states already have it!
  10. He said voter turnout would diminish – but in states that passed it, voter turnout has RISEN!!
  11. He said he is NON – POLITICAL – but he dropped a voter intimidation case against the Black Panther Party even though a tape showed these thugs had used clubs and nightsticks at the polls!
  12. He said this law was “politically motivated!! – but it was endorsed by a Commission on Federal Election Reform chaired by President Jimmy Carter (of all people!!) and Former Sec. of State James Baker!!

To me, this is an obvious No-Brainer! When you vote, you should have to show some photo-ID to “protect the electoral process!!  (also at airports, schools, banks etc, etc)

What can YOU do?  Call in your support. South Carolina Senator Jim Demint (if only he could be our Senator)! Tel 202 224-6121.

Ask his office who else in South Carolina you can call (Gov Halley, their Att. General etc) to show your support !!!

I guess  President Obama and Eric Holder want “Chicago politics” for all of us !!  11 months to go!!!

PS — A footnote to this “issue”

a) As expected, again it was the ACLU who sued to challenge this law in Wisconsin and

b) the NAACP  petitioned the UNITED NATIONS (do you believe it!!) for the US to be censored for a “human-rights violation because of this law!! – are they for real??