If We Ignore History, Israel & the West Will Fall


Me, Shortly Before I Saw the Photos

When I was a child, my girlfriend’s father asked me if I wanted to see his photos. He said he took them where he worked during the Big War. I never liked her crazy father – he was always screaming at his wife and daughters. On one occasion, someone left a sewing needle on the floor that he stepped on. As he pulled his socks off, he screamed like a maniac, “Look what you’ve done. Look, I’m bleeding.” He then showed us his bare foot with the tiniest of bloody pricks on his sole.

It was the quietest house I had ever been in. No one wanted to make a sound above a whisper so as not to disturb Dad I was told. If we were allowed in the living room, we had to sit perfectly silent while good old Dad pontificated about some moral something. He told my friend she was allowed to play with me because the Irish weren’t as inferior as most though we were inferior to Germans. She was not allowed to play with her next door neighbor because she was Italian.

Back to the photos. I was thrilled that he thought me worthy of looking at them and innocently nodded my head in assent when he asked me if I wanted to see them. I couldn’t understand them at first as he flipped through them while he giggled heinously. Finally, one picture materialized as piles of department store dummies, one heaped on top of the other. I said, “Are these from a department store?” He looked surprised and said, “No, these are real people. Bad people.”

I ran out screaming. My girlfriend said later that her father worked in a concentration camp as a commandant, and that was the first time I heard the words “concentration camp” or “commandant.” Needless to say, her father wouldn’t allow her to play with me after that. He died soon after at age 60 and no one had ever caught up to him. I doubt I ever knew his real name.

I know that genocide is an excuse for killing millions from many different religions and nationalities all over the world today. I know 5 million Christians died in Nazi concentration camps to say nothing of the military and other murdered civilians. I know Israel was given the Palestinian state by the UN courtesy of Britain. All that is not the issue for me. The fact is that the Jewish people were targeted then, they are targeted now, and if dealt with incorrectly, the Middle East could lead us into a Third WW.

We must learn from history as the President empowers people who would destroy Israel.

I have posted these horrific videos from the WWII concentration camps because I now believe people need to relive what happened. Israel is in danger. I believe that our President might be an appeaser or a misguided fighter for social justice as he aims to support “peace” at the expense of Israel’s existence. If he is so “peace-oriented,” why did he put us into Libya and Yemen? It doesn’t matter what his motives are – he is playing with our futures.

Those who ignore history…

WARNING!! Please do not view the following videos unless you are 18. Do not view them unless you are able to handle extremely graphic content. Use these videos wisely.