If You Think Hillary Is Bad, Wait Until You Hear Who Is a Likely VP Pick



Hillary Clinton’s list of VP choices will definitely have women on it according to her campaign manager John Podesta, a close ally and ideological twin to George Soros. That woman is largely assumed to be Elizabeth Warren, a Socialist, who calls herself a Progressive, not that there is much difference.

Another name being thrown out is also repulsive – Cecile Richards of Planned Parenthood.

Since Bernie is finished, the name of the VP pick will arise out of the Philadelphia convention.

Warren would appeal to many Bernie supporters who could refuse to vote for Hillary otherwise over her support of Wall Street. The left doesn’t realize Wall Street funds their pensions.

Other VP picks among the men are equally repugnant because of their far-left leanings and they include Housing Secretary and open borders guy Julian Castro, Labor Secretary and open borders guy Tom Perez, New Jersey Senator Cory Booker who did nothing visibly effective in Newark, and Virginia Senator Tim Kaine who has faked Republicanism but has a perfect zero voting record on that score.

Warren, the fake Indian, has huge name recognition and is held in high esteem among the far-left Progressives. She is a prodigious and effective fund raiser. While she and Hillary don’t seem to have a good relationship over Hillary’s Wall Street favoritism, it’s better than the one Clinton and Obama had when he picked her as his secretary of state.

Warren has been into the presidential race with nasty tweets aimed at Senator Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, calling Cruz a whiner, and accusing Donald Trump of being a “bigger, uglier threat every day that goes by.” Trump replied by mocking her fake Indian ancestry, calling her the non-PC name, ‘Indian’.

Warren might be reluctant to leave because the Democrats want her to protect the Senate seat and with a Republican governor in charge, he could temporarily appoint a Republican.

Some women leaders in the Democratic Party told the Boston Globe that it’s not feasible.

“Men will fight to retain their dominance,” predicted Jo Anne Simon, a member of the New York State Assembly who attended a recent event in New York focused on female support for Clinton. “They can’t handle one woman on the ticket; what makes you think they could handle two?”

She says that because these left-wing women actually believe there’s a war on women by white men.

As an aside, I’m sick of leftist women claiming men are inferior, men are pigs, men are rapists, men are fighting them on every level and women are superior, would never start wars, and should be in charge. It’s propaganda from the leftist feminists who often hate men. The war is just as commonly in the reverse.

Names of other women under consideration could include Washington state’s junior senator, Maria Cantwell, Jennifer Granholm, the former Michigan governor,  born in Canada, Kirsten Gillibrand, the horrible New York senator, and most horrific of all, Cecile Richards’ name has been put out there. She is the president of the baby chop shop, Planned Parenthood, and the daughter of the late former Texas governor Ann Richards.

Barely Republican Senator Susan Collins has been mentioned as a remote possibility. Senator Mark Warren is being named as a possibility and he is far more moderate than many of the other Democrats mentioned.

This is why Republicans have to support whoever the Republicans choose as the nominee. It’s what the Democrats will do and there’s more of them.


Source: Boston Globe