If You’d Like to See An MD, Good Luck Finding One


dr shortage

No less than Dr. Nirav Shah, New York State’s Health Commissioner, has admitted that, “We are short 1,100 primary-care doctors….today.  Now imagine another million people flooding the system.  Where are they going to get care?”  He answers his own question with, “That is a potential for a real crisis.”  NY Post

For years, opponents of ObamaCare have warned specifically about a looming shortage of doctors.  Now we have their insight confirmed by Dr. Shah’s frighteningly stark appraisal.  His    assessment was confirmed by a White House insider who said, referring to the nation in general, “There aren’t enough doctors. There aren’t enough nurses.”  Surprise!

These folks are joining other Johnny Come Lately “experts” in suddenly grasping what Republicans, led by their “fringe Tea Party/Conservative Wing” have been saying all along.  Health insurance doesn’t guarantee heath care access, and it certainly doesn’t guarantee good health care. So now we’re hearing the imminent scarcity of physicians will create much longer wait times; forcing patients into emergency rooms, where costly visits will result in “substandard” treatments. Wasn’t the Affordable Care Act supposed to stop just this kind of behavior?

So in New York, where if you can make it there you can make it anywhere, primary-care doctors, the heart and soul of medicine, can’t make it.  That is an ominous signal, for not only the bluest of blue states, but for the rest of the country as well.

Americans would be better served, from this point on, by respectfully listening to those “extremists” who’ve had this “train wreck” of a law correctly diagnosed all along.