Illegal Immigration Policy Could Soon Be A Go Out And Bring Them In Policy




Senator John McCain

Senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain, pro-amnesty advocates, want to set up a refugee program in Central America to assist the invasion. They would have us set up offices in Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador so we can transport any children who want to come here illegally directly from their home towns. We would fly them to the United States.

Graham told Reuters, “We’d be able to make a more intelligent decision about what’s legitimate and you wouldn’t have the problem of people showing up, dropped off at the door. That makes sense to me.”


Senator Lindsey Graham.

I guess closing down the border is out of the question then?

U.S. Rep Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) said of that type of plan, “I think it’s something we need to discuss,” adding, “You don’t need legislation to do that.”

We don’t need legislation to do anything. Mr. Obama has a pen and a phone when Congress fails to do exactly as he wishes.

Alabama Senator Richard Shelby said, “I wouldn’t do that, the more they come, the more will come. There will be hundreds of thousands.”

No kidding!

A typical refugee program provides legal work status and expedited green card as well as citizenship.

This “refugee” program, guaranteed to make us into a Third World nation, will make a mockery of the legitimate refugee programs we have set up for persecuted foreigners.

This is a manufactured crisis and we need to close the borders. Why won’t the politicians do it? There is s simple answer. They want this invasion and they want to grow the problem which they see as humane as if we only had children crossing the border. We are now the open door for all foreigners who want to come here.

In January, the DHS advertised for escorts for 65,000 children. The government not only knew it was coming, they were behind it or encouraged it. Some of the “children” coming in are MS-13 gang members. Border Patrol has been told to let them all in.

Our nation is about to become a well-developed welfare state. The people coming will overwhelmingly vote Democrat because they are coming here to be taken care of and are not being assimilated into America as self-sufficient members of society.