Illegal, Immoral Underworld of Hillary’s Campaign Exposed by James O’Keefe



Having covered a number of tea party events and rallies, I knew the Democrats had organized infiltrators who try to stir violence at Republican events but until you watch this video, you won’t believe how evil the people behind it are. They are also violating the law if they coordinating Super PACs with Hillary for America.

At least one says on the video that he is doing exactly that but they have set up a double blind.

They “bird-dog” in their words,  so their people are placed in the front at the events where they can be the first to question Trump.

The video is more than 15 minutes long and the operation was put together by James O’Keefe. He had 8 people working on the investigation and infiltrating Democrat headquarters. Seven lawyers work for O’Keefe to make sure he doesn’t violate the law.

O’Keefe set up a shell company and maneuvered his employees into positions at the organization. Top guns revealed the manipulation they employ to disrupt Trump events so he can be blamed. In some cases, the lawless activities came from Hillary herself.

The Democrat operatives think very little of the people they are stirring up. They see them as crazy racists. What I have personally seen in these types of operations is the agitator goes up to the most unstable looking person or the angriest and tries to enrage them but I’ve rarely seen anyone take the bait.

The video is one of a series of videos to be released. This one spends time introducing you to the “liberal” organizations that work with the Clinton campaign and DNC to protest GOP events. The groups include a number of sleazy George Soros organizations.

Campaigns are not allowed by law to contact PACs but O’Keefe promises to deliver proof of the illegalities involved.

These violence-provoking protests are referred to as grassroots by the Democrats but they are astroturf orchestrated by professional political actors.

Activist Scott Foval describes the sleazy tactics he uses in the undercover video — sending professional agitators to events to cause violence they can photograph. The media is in on it.

That isn’t a surprise either. I’ve been to events where the Revolutionary Communist Party is waving their signs in reporters faces only to have these same reporters tell people on air that they don’t know who these agitators are or they give them some harmless identity.

Ideally, Foval says, you’ll be attacked. He boasts about using mentally ill homeless people to agitate and then rewards them with pay and a chance to get clean.

Foval used to work with George Soros.

The goal is to create anarchy to feed the media narrative that Trump’s fans are deplorables and rednecks. He talks about baiting people with t-shirts for Planned Parenthood and going up to event goers, saying hi, hoping they will react.

DNC operative “Aaron Black” appears in the video admitting that left-wing protests turned into a famous melee outside a Trump event in Chicago in March as part of a DNC production.

It certainly appeared to be astroturf with trained useful idiots doing the bidding of the top command but now there is proof.

Whether this hurt more than helped the DNC is hard to know but it gave Trump the opportunity to present as the law and order candidate.

It’s no surprise the Democrat Party will do anything to win without regard for the legalities or moral limitations most of us abide by.

The men involved in the planning have a seedy past. One spent time in Rikers.

These types of provocations at events have subsided since the bad press in Chicago, San Jose and a few other locales. It didn’t help the DNC as they hoped.

Who manipulates people like this? You’d have to be fairly immoral. Manipulation can only be described as evil.

O’Keefe promises much more in the upcoming videos. O’Keefe said the media won’t have him on air because they fear the DoJ. Fox booked him and then canceled. Share this video and get it trending. There is a lot more to come.