Illegals Pouring Into California Information Sessions


Gov. Jerry Brown recently told illegals, “You’re all welcome here.” It might as well have been Barack Obama. He has erased our borders and welcomed all foreigners to come here en masse without any vetting of any sort. Now illegals are pouring into information sessions with attorneys counseling them on how to stay in the country.

Since Obama’s announcement of amnesty, the obvious has occurred. Thousands are flocking to meeting halls, churches, schools to get information on how they can stay after coming here illegally.

Open borders activists are hosting an information session for 10,000 people at the LA convention center Sunday according to the AP.

Angelica Salas, executive director of the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles, said they will have daily orientations to deal with the demand.

We might as well call California, Mexifornia or Central America-fornia. Not sure which fits.

The activists want to reach all foreigners and tell them how to join Obama in his circumvention of the law.

They have run full information sessions already.

The open borders people even bring attorneys to help them break our immigration laws.

They’re holding one-on-one sessions. Illegal Chinese immigrants from communist China like the individual sessions.

Applications for amnesty are a joke. They will all get amnesty.

The sample form below was leaked by an official from the former Border Patrol officers:

ICE screening for amnesty

The USCIS chief is calling the illegal immigrants “customers” and the Democrats routinely call them “New Americans” or as Joe Biden said, “they’re as American as you are.”

We have no sovereign rights under this president. He has taken away the American peoples’ rights to decide who can or cannot come into the country.

Barack Obama is planning a mega-immigration center and hiring a 1,000 people without the permission of Congress. He does whatever he wants and so far there is no resistance. Republicans just funded amnesty with a promise to do something next year. Harry Reid will present some far-left Obama appointees this week to be approved by the congress and we can properly assume that there will be little resistance from Republicans. A deal has likely been made.

Karl Rove is touting the fact that we are getting back to having a normal budgetary process. It will be at the expense of the Constitution and our sovereign rights.

The budget includes billions for illegals and over $100 million to train them to take American jobs. In just four months, the Obama administration spent over $100,000 on some of the illegal alien children. Taxpayers spent over $80,000 per child to give them big screen TV’s, phones, toys, housing, clothing, education, medical services, laptops and multicultural crayons.

The people coming here illegally are told they are entitled to our taxpayer welfare benefits – it’s their civil right. Unfortunately, all of this deprives us of our rights.