Immigrant Gets 18 Months for Coaching Gang Rape of Young Girl for “Fun”



A Maryland man who is a permanent resident from India coached the rape of a barely-conscious woman by multiple men in a gang while she pleaded for them to stop. She was incapacitated by either alcohol or drugs. He only received a sentence of 18 months.

According to the Washington Post, 23-year-old Cecil Burrows encouraged at least two members of the Little R gang to rape a young woman in Olney, Maryland.

The 2012 assault carried a sentence of between seven and 13 years, but Burrow received only 18 months behind bars.

The court heard 35 minutes of audio of the attack on Thursday, during which Burrows could be heard telling the other men to “hold her down” and asking “who’s next,” the Post reported.

“Cecil, he like a coach,” one of the participants said in the recording, according to the Post. The woman could be heard pleading with them to stop.

According to NBC 4 in Washington, D.C., the rape came to authorities’ attention when Little R leader, Andres Cortez, proudly shared the recording with a coworker.

That coworker reported Cortez to his manager, who then reported him to law enforcement.

Burrows said coaching the rape was “fun for him.”

After serving his sentence, he will be deported to India though he did come here as a child.



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