Immigration Policies That Will Take Us Down


Liberal immigration policies are causing massive immigration that will overwhelm the system if we don’t get a handle on the value system governing immigration. The immigration system worked much better when it was a privilege to come to the United States.

This isn’t a suggestion to do away with our generous immigration policy, just to do it differently.

The Democratic party in Iowa posted the Mexican flag at their event in Iowa – the Democrats want to make sure they line them up as voters.

It’s fitting since we have 25% of Mexico’s population here in the States.

mexican flag

According to an analysis of the Census records by The Center for Immigration Studies, the record-breaking immigrant population in the United States now stands at 42.1 million and last year a record-breaking 1.7 million immigrants entered the country – that we know about.

Immigrants comprise 13.3 percent of the population, the highest it’s been in 105 years.

Business Insider put the numbers up by country and by the states they are settling in.

More than 360,000 illegal immigrants are criminals – that we know of. I can’t even keep up with their crimes. Every day there are horrific stories of murder, sexual abuse, violent robberies, drunk drivers and so on.

One two-year old girl in California is fighting for her life after an illegal immigrant with a long criminal record beat her brutally. California sheriffs and police are railing against the U.S. immigration policy that is forcing them to release dangerous criminals like this one out onto the street.

Another illegal immigrant murdered three members of a family including one of the victim’s unborn and viable child of six months. They all fought for their lives. The man has an extensive criminal record in Belize but we don’t bother to consider their criminal records in their home countries.

Maryland finally rolled back ‘sanctuary city status’ for illegal immigrant criminals. Since we don’t check their records in their home country, many will still be protected. Only their crimes in the U.S. count. They could be axe murderers from el Salvador and it wouldn’t matter.

“Of the more than 42 million immigrants living in the country in the second quarter of 2015, roughly three-quarters are in the country legally. While the impact of illegal immigration is often the subject of intense national debate, the much larger flow of legal immigrants has seen almost no discussion, even though its impact on American society is much larger,” The Center for Immigration Studies concluded. Three-quarters of the immigrants coming into the country, come here legally.

Many of the immigrants, especially illegal immigrants are living in poverty.

The Orange County Register columnist Joel Kotkin, using a United Way study, showed that 80 percent of illegal Hispanics in the state of California are living under the poverty line even though they continue to receive government assistance. It’s all because of what he believes are the “progressive policies [that] drive more into poverty.”

Kotkin said their commitment is to climate change and regulations.

“Given the avowed commitment of progressives to addressing inequality and poverty, one would expect that there would be a renewed focus on spurring economic growth. But, instead, in part due to the bizarre policy choices made by many Latino legislators, the state keeps ratcheting up the prices for both energy and housing through its quixotic – and, fundamentally, narcissistic – attempt to single-handedly reverse climate change.”

Kotkin explained that:

“Some $130 million from cap-and-trade funds – the very mechanism helping to drive higher energy costs – will go for affordable housing. Yet this is the most full-bore tokenism imaginable. At a cost per affordable apartment unit of about $300,000, at best only a few thousand Californians will benefit, making it essentially irrelevant in a state of almost 39 million people.”

Barely 5% of Californians think climate change is an important issue.

Democrats are banking on the immigrants, both legal and illegal, voting Democratic and they invite them in with their entitlement policies, but as Joel Kotkin said in his essay, the same liberal policies are keeping people in poverty.

The president has changed our system of immigration fundamentally to one based on chain migration. It was a meritocracy. The American people used to have control over who enters the country but they no longer do because of chain migration. That, combined with massive illegal immigration, leaves Americans without any idea as to who is coming in. It used to be that it was a privilege to come here and people had to earn it.

Now we’re just a welfare state with open borders.